Axis Year End Recap – 2021

Happy New Year! 2021 was a YEAR for Axis. It felt like the longest and shortest year, so far. We can’t believe it’s over, and yet, are thankful for the fresh start. Reflect with us as we take a look back at some of the highlights of 2021!


We kicked off 2021 with a bang with a recognition from Travel Nursing Central. For the fifth year in a row, they named Axis a top travel nursing company! Travel Nursing Central is a leading resource for travel nurses when it comes to company reviews. They have a database of reviews for over 300 different travel nursing companies nationwide. Based on real travel nurse ratings, Axis is rated a 4.75 out of 5! That blows us away every time. Thank you! We also took some time to try something new for us and maybe the industry. Our recruiter landing pages were in full swing. Our development team created dedicated pages for each of our recruiters with a personalized link they could send to their team and applicants with details about them, Axis, and how to create a profile, all in one place. Check out an example of one here. 2021 was our first full year as a remote team and we went into it wanting to focus on how to give every member of the team, traveler or otherwise, a feeling of importance and personalization. We also celebrated our first Traveler of the Month of the year, Keefe G. who was working as an ICU nurse in Dallas, TX!


February was another big month for Axis. We started off by recognizing Christoper K as this month’s Traveler of the Month. Little did we know, we’d see a little recognition ourselves. Every year, around this time, the highly anticipated Highway Hypodermics rankings are released. Similar to Travel Nursing Central, Highway Hypodermics is a long-standing, well-established, and well-respected resource in travel nursing. Their rankings are based on a combination of how agency benefits match up to what’s important to travelers and how travel nurses rank their experiences with each respective agency. This year, Axis was ranked in the Top 5 best travel nursing companies. It was also our third year in a row on the list!


March was a surreal month as we reflected on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic and a global lockdown. Certainly, a year that has shaped us all. In the travel nursing world, it meant pivoting to keep up with new policies, greater staffing needs, and innovating the ways we could make our Travel Nurses, like Traveler of the Month, Rachel G, feel seen and supported. The efforts did not go unnoticed, as it was during this time, we found out that Influencive named Axis Medical Staffing, one of the best travel nurse agencies to work at during the pandemic.


As the pandemic continued, we received more and more inquires about travel nursing. Specifically, how to get started and licensing requirements. We published our state-by-state RN licensing guide to help be the foundation for deciding which adventure to take on next. If you’re looking to start traveling in the next two weeks, maybe California, New York, and Alaska can be saved for the next round if you’re not already licensed ;). We also caught up with Traveler of the Month, Elise H, as she wrapped up her first travel contract with Axis in Yuma, AZ, and prepped for her next one!


May is always a time of celebration here at Axis. You can’t work with as many Rock Star Nurses as we do and not take the time to celebrate Nurses Week. Our celebrations began by naming Erin S. as our Traveler of the Year for 2021! Erin has been a Traveler with Axis for over a year working multiple contracts and keeping us updated on how traveling has changed her life. We capped off the week by naming Abby W our May Traveler of the Month. If nurses week and/or the pandemic has taught us anything it’s to not be stingy with praise and recognition. A simple “thank you” or “job well done” are always appreciated and great to hear, often. Don’t just assume it’s implied.


Our Operations Team grew! Jennifer Slatten, Operations Manager, and Tiffanie Nguyen, Onboarding Specialist joined the team just in time for the madness that is residency month, and to celebrate Virginia K as our June Traveler of the Month!

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July…July…July. While Seattle was experiencing the hottest summer ever recorded, so was Axis. In the words of our July Traveler of the Month, Lianne S, “Get out there and try it. You will never regret trying.” We can bet our Co-CEOs don’t regret trying to start a travel nurse staffing company back in 2004. In trying to build something new, 17 years ago, we’ve reaped some of the biggest wins and accolades every year for the last 5 years. This year was no different. One of the questions we love to ask new names that call in or apply to Axis is, “how did you hear about us?” With over 300 travel nurse staffing companies in the nation, we’re genuinely curious how you narrowed it down and chose us! One we hear often is BluePipes. If you haven’t checked them out, BluePipes has quickly become a leading publication and networking site for travel nurses. You can read up on the latest happenings in the industry, connect with other travelers and recruiters, and apply for jobs, all in one place. To be recognized by BluePipes is an honor for Axis each year. This year, we were ranked in the top 5 of travel nurse staffing companies for the fifth year in a row!


We meant it when we said this was a hot, hot summer. In August, we celebrated the beautiful story of one of our travel pairs, Jennifer and Eric, in their Traveler of the Month post. They met two years ago on assignment and have been traveling together ever since. In the summer of 2021, they tied the knot and are currently working a new contract at the facility where it all began. It’s because of stories and relationships like this that make working at Axis so rewarding. Everyone on the team, from marketing to operations to recruitment and beyond, puts in the effort to ensure the most knowledgable, friendly, and smooth experience for our Rock Stars. This is evident in the reviews our travelers leave online and the many friends they’ve referred along the way. Our commitment to relationship building and providing an outstanding experience is what led to our tremendous growth in the last few years. Growth that was recognized on the Inc. 5000 List of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in America! Axis landed third-highest among Travel Nursing Companies. Whoa!


After a white-hot summer of celebrations, we began gearing up for 2022. Yes, the industry moves that far in advance. Someone on the hunt for their January contract, was Traveler of the Month, Martha P, who had just signed her extension but wanted to have a plan ready for the new year, (told you we work in the future). One of the reasons we also gear up for the new year so early is that January is the most popular time of the year for travel. Whether new or seasoned, one of the benefits of travel nursing is being in charge of your own schedule. If you want to take off the last 2 weeks of December, you can, and most do. So January starts are highly coveted. This meant our teams set their sights on how we can continue to be a resource for new travelers and how to steam line our processes as we continue to grow. We published Part 2 of our Top Housing Websites for Travel Nurses and began testing a new onboarding portal to minimize the number of emails sent and tracked during the compliance and onboarding process.


Nothing scarier than starting off spooky season by changing up our leadership team. Kidding. In October, Lynna Nguyen was promoted to VP of Recruitment and Operations. She celebrated 5 years with Axis and we couldn’t think of a more fitting and deserving way to recognize all she’s accomplished in that time. We also honored Katie K. as our Traveler of the Month!


As our year winds down, unfortunately, the work does not. November is the beginning of the busiest time of the year. Remember when we said January is the most coveted month to start travel nursing? Well, even though we start prepping in September, most candidates start reaching out in November. Because of this, we also hit a record number of Rock Star nurses applying on our website wanting to join our team. That’s a pretty big deal. It’s one of the reasons why we are also always hiring for our recruitment team. Traveler of the Month, Grace M, was one of those website applicants way back when and is coming up on her one-year anniversary with Axis! With such a stellar cohort of candidates and the start of the holidays, we also wanted to highlight ways to celebrate Giving Tuesday and continually show thanks to our team.


Woo! We made it! December. First off, we celebrated our final Traveler of the Month for 2021 – Ian M! Secondly, we celebrated. Full stop. December concluded our biggest quarter ever in terms of new hires. As Tiffanie, Onboarding Specialist, likes to say, “we made a lot of new friends!”

As we close the door on 2021, we’re so grateful to have had so much to celebrate. While there were trying times during the year, we hope you also found a highlight or two to toast each month. To every person that was a part of our 2021 in one way or another, thank you for helping us grow. We can’t wait to continue this momentum in 2022!


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