Travel Nursing Assignments – Seattle: Live Like A Local

Why choose a travel nursing job in Seattle? Well, we might be (are) biased because it’s also our hometown, but this seaport town is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, world-famous landmarks, amazing restaurants and always something to do. Plus, it doesn’t rain as much as you think it does.

Top things to do in Seattle, WA

Appropriately known as “The Emerald City”, Seattle is the largest city in Washington State. Plush with evergreen trees and offering spectacular views of the Cascade and Olympic mountains, Seattle is an idealistic place to live, with notable landmarks such as the Space Needle or world famous Pike Place Market.

Receiving less annual rain than New York and Atlanta, Seattle offers nearly limitless outdoor activities for its residents. In addition, Seattle offers a robust cultural and business community, with the likes of Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon and Nintendo of America, amongst others, calling it their home.

Around the city

Seattle Art Museum & Olympic Sculpture Park

The city’s art museum, also known as SAM, is an exciting, diverse and vibrant museum with a particular focus on contemporary arts. Affiliated entities such as the Asian art museum and the beautifully conceived Olympic Sculpture Park (free to the public all year long) contribute to an exciting infrastructure that promotes, supports and encourages local artists as well as hosting works from international sources.

Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is a beloved local institution where you’ll be able to enjoy a vast selection of excellent food produce from farmers, small businesses and tantalizing culinary stalls. Locals and tourists alike love browsing through this eclectic old school marketplace along the waterside strip!

Food & Drinks

FareStart Restaurant

This restaurant does not only treat diners with an exquisite menu offering, but it does so in the name of a good cause. Proceeds benefit culinary student programs and other community initiatives!

Lowell’s Restaurant

Lowell’s restaurant has been Seattle’s best kept secret since its inception in 1957. The establishment is located within the Pike Place Market and treats diners with a privilege view on the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound and Port of Seattle – not to mention the delicious and fairly priced meals!  Get the tuna melt. Amazing!


GO Hawks!

Seatteites are nuts for their football team and are well known for being the 12th man for their Seahawks! And why wouldn’t they be, they’ve gone to back-to-back Super Bowls.  Now that you live in the scene, you should at least enjoy the experience of becoming an honorary supporter at one of their games! Be fair warned. It’s loud. Like really loud.  Seattle broke the Guinness World Record for the highest peak decibel level — 136.6 decibels — ever recorded at a stadium.

Seize the music scene

Jimi Hendrix. Soundgarden. Sir Mix-a-Lot.  Nirvana. Minus The Bear. Pearl Jam. Macklemore. Should we go on? Seattle is home to some of the most incredible music the world has ever heard, and it continues to be a fertile ground for innovative, entertaining and diverse music of all genres. Go catch a show at the Showbox or the Crocodile Cafe!

Photo via Pixabay.com

You’ll love all of the perks of a big city without the “big city” feel. Come explore the PNW at its finest. Join us in Seattle.

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