Traveler of the Month: Elise H!

Name: Elise H.

City, State: Yuma, AZ

Specialty: ER

Month: April

1. How did you get into travel nursing?

I was interested in travel nursing as soon as I realized it existed! Travel nursing was mentioned in my nursing school orientation as one example of the wide variety of nursing opportunities out there. It immediately caught my attention. What could be cooler than traveling the country and meeting new people while working a job I love? I almost thought it was too good to be true, but here I am! 

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2. What’s the best part about traveling?

The best part about traveling is being able to be a part of different communities that I would otherwise never experience. Every assignment is unique and every location has something different and exciting to offer. Being able to live somewhere for two or three months submerses you in the community much more than a weekend trip or vacation. This extra time let’s you experience the less obvious details and activities that really makes an area special. 

3. You meet a first-time traveler in the Yuma area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

Tacos Cositas!! It is an outdoor taco stand that makes the most delicious tacos on fresh tortillas that you will ever have. You can’t go wrong with an icy glass of their homemade horchata either. Bonus: it’s right next door to a place that makes fried Oreos 🤤 

4. What’s the best part about the Yuma area?

The best part of Yuma is the sense of pride in the community and the very friendly citizens. I immediately took note of how kind and welcoming people are in this area. You are also just a few hours away from Phoenix, Sedona, and San Diego! The location makes for effortless weekend trips to awesome locations.  

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5. Any advice for other travelers?

No matter where you go, remain open-minded and flexible, but always trust your gut. Keep your safety in mind when in unfamiliar places. But most of all have fun! Try something new whether it be food, activities, or local events. This is a great opportunity to experience things you might not otherwise have the chance to! 

6. What do you like best about working with Axis?

As an individual and an employee my wants, needs, and concerns are valued and noted. I know I am viewed as an individual with my own goals for travel nursing and this is 100% respected. I have nothing but great things to say about working for Axis and most of this is due to my experience with my recruiter Charity! Charity is extremely professional, kind, and encouraging. She always takes an active interest in how I’m doing and always responds very promptly to all concerns. 

Congrats Elise! We’re so glad you joined the Axis team! 🙂

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