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Travel Nurse of the Month – Diana G!

Name: Diana G City, State: Walnut Creek, CA Specialty: Labor and Delivery Month: October Meet Diana, our travel nurse of the month for October! Let’s get to know Diana and see how she lives her best travel nurse life! 1.       How did you get into travel nursing? I got into travel nursing because I felt I […]

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Travel Nurse of the Month – Devlin R!

Name: Devlin R. City, State: Bozeman, MT Specialty: Endoscopy Month: Sept. 1 1.  What are some of your most memorable moments as a Travel Nurse? Working in Bend, Oregon, on 3 separate occasions for the same facility. It’s flattering when they specifically ask for me to come back. What a wonderful team! Also, Fairbanks, AK in the late winter: […]

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Travel Nurse of the Month – Krystal H!

Name: Krystal H. City, State: Burlington, VT Specialty: Telemetry Month: Aug. 1 1.  How’d you get into travel nursing? After several years of staff nursing, I was looking forward to trying something new and exciting. I wanted to still work as a nurse and have the freedom to travel. Travel nursing allows me to have the best of both worlds, […]

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Travel Nurse of the Year – Betty E!

Name: Betty E. City/State: Durham, NC Specialty: Electrophysiology Lab Year: 2019 If you haven’t followed our Travel Nurse of the Month posts, you may have missed when Betty was featured as our Travel Nurse of the Month for January 2018. Since then, she has really put the “Travel” in Travel Nurse. From Missouri, to Georgia, […]

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Travel Nurse of the Month – Maegan T!

Name: Maegan T. City, State: Seattle, WA Specialty: Oncology, Infusion/Immunotherapy Month: Jul. 1 1.  How’d you get into travel nursing? I knew I wanted to travel nurse from the start. It’s always been attractive to me to be able to travel the US and try living in new cities for months at a time. So after I put in my first […]

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