Traveler of the Month: Lianne S!

Name: Lianne S!

City, State: Burlington, VT

Specialty: Endo

Month: July

1. How did you get into travel nursing?

My cousin was a travel nurse for many years and I always enjoyed hearing about her adventures. I always thought I would enjoy traveling, but then life happens (marriage, children, etc). Fast forward to last year and COVID-19. My husband quit his job and stayed home to help our two kids with remote learning. If we’re teaching from home anyway, why not do it from some really cool places around the country?! So here I am getting paid to travel the country, take care of people, and give my children a great education.  

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2. What’s the best part about traveling?

Getting to see exciting new places around the country. I’ve also met some really great people along the way.

3. You meet a first-time traveler in the Burlington area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

We don’t really eat out a lot. Most of our meals are “home.” However, the ice cream here is to die for. Get a maple creamy from The Cupboard. You won’t regret it.

4. What’s the best part about the Burlington area?

Burlington is a very friendly and safe area. It’s very easy to get outside and be active. The bike trails are amazing.  

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5. Any advice for other travelers?

Get out there and try it. You will never regret trying. Enjoy life to the fullest. 

6. What do you like best about working with Axis?

My recruiter Veronica! She’s the best. As a company, I like smaller companies. Fewer people I have to deal with and we get to know each other pretty well.

Congrats Lianne! We’re so glad you joined the Axis team! 🙂

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