Top Housing Websites For Travel Nurses – Part 2!

If you’ve ever had to brave the rental market, you know that it can be a real hassle. Competition for properties is stiff, and it seems like even modest dwellings are becoming less affordable these days. For travel nurses, finding affordable short-term housing can be the biggest obstacle to overcome before starting a contract. With so many housing options out there, it’s tough to know where to start looking. Last year, we compiled a list of the top housing websites for travel nurses and it proved to be a huge hit with our travelers. So, we did some more digging and found even more quality housing websites that cater to travel nurses. So without further ado, here are the Top Housing Websites for Travel Nurses – Part 2!

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Sonder is a company that’s on a mission to redefine hospitality. The company specializes in providing unique spaces for traveling professionals, and they market themselves as having hotel amenities without hotel formalities. They offer contactless check-in/check-out, and 24/7 customer service through their app. Their platform is very user-friendly, and they offer over 4,500 listings in 38 cities around the world. You just select your city and the duration of your stay, and Sonder provides a list of available properties. Each property comes with a description of the building, room amenities, and information about the neighborhood like whether there is parking or public transportation nearby. They also clearly outline their nightly rates, which makes it easy for you to find something within your budget.


Blueground is another housing company similar to Sonder, but they require you to commit to a rental for at least 30 days. They work with private landlords and property management companies with vacant units and transform them into fully furnished move-in ready apartments. They offer unique amenities and furniture like fully stocked kitchens, premium bedding, and even Bluetooth speakers. Blueground also has a network of brand partners that offer special perks and discounts to Blueground renters. Everything from fitness on-demand, to dog walking and sitting, and even wine delivery! Blueground streamlines the move-in process, so you can book online, pay securely, and move in the very next day!


Landing is similar to Blueground in that they offer flexible leases for at least one month. One perk of renting through Landing is that they don’t have application fees or security deposits, so you can save money! Landing also has the largest network of apartments on this list, with over 40,000 listings in 200+ cities. Landing makes it easy to move from different properties within their network. You can even live month-to-month in different neighborhoods if you wish. They also offer a promotion where you can get 7 nights of free travel within the Landing network if you stay in one of their premium units. If a premium unit is out of your price range, you can still get two nights of free travel if you book one of their standard units.

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