Travelers of the Month: Alyssa B. & Katty P.

Meet Alyssa Brimer and Katty Painter, our PCU traveling pair winners for Traveler of the Month July 2023! Each month, we highlight one (or two) of our travelers that have gone above and beyond and showed true compassion and expertise within their careers. We are so lucky to have both of these caring and bright nurses on the Axis team!

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December will officially mark one year of travel nursing for us. We started our travel nursing journey in Lincoln, NE to be close to home as we decided to see if this was a good career fit for us. We enjoyed our first assignment so much that we took the leap to take on another assignment which brought us to South Dakota and we’re loving it. Monument Health has been extremely traveler friendly, and it’s been great to meet other travelers from across the country and hear about their experiences.  

How did you decide to get into traveling?

We were indecisive about the next steps of our careers. We were unsure if we wanted to travel but thought it would be best to take the leap with a friend, so why not start now?! We both were eager to get into a new location and learn new skills to advance our careers. We were at a point where we were really comfortable in our career, didn’t know what else was out there so we began looking to try something new.

What’s some advice for someone considering travel nursing?

Our advice would be to rip the band-aid off and jump on in if you have any reservations because you won’t regret the traveling experience. It allows you to dip your feet into new waters and try something new and unexpected. If there is any fear of the unknown don’t let that stop you! We also suggest finding a recruiter that is a true advocate for you and you know has your back. We have had such a great experience with Axis and Charity as our recruiter and we know that confiding in her will only help continue to make our experience positive.

Tell me about a positive experience you’ve had while traveling?

We have really loved jumping in and gaining new skills in the healthcare field. We have quickly learned and have been able to adapt to facilities having different protocols and resources. Learning how to communicate with a new team and do different tasks all helps make the next assignment even more comfortable. We had only ever worked at one healthcare facility before traveling, so we got used to the day-in and day-out routine and learning new platforms and this has been an exciting change to advance our careers in healthcare.

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How do you spend your free time?

In our free time you can find us hiking, going out to new lakes, exploring national parks, hammock chilling and checking out the different monuments and landmarks that South Dakota has to offer. One of our favorite foodie spots has been Tally Silverspoon where they serve a bomb brunch with fantastic mimosas. We’ve also found that Downtown Rapid City has a lot of fun boutiques and local craft shops.

How did you discover Axis?

Katty did the initial research when we began considering that idea of travel nursing and we were able to find a ton of amazing reviews on Axis. We really like that Axis was recognized as a top travel company to work for so it was a no-brainer to reach out and get connected to learn more!

What do you like best about working with Axis?

The transparency that Charity has had throughout the entire process has been extremely helpful and meaningful to us both. Any questions or difficult situations we may have run into Charity has been very easy and quick to connect with. Charity also does a great job of hunting and finding contract options that are a perfect match to what we had been looking for.

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