Axis Traveler of the Month April 2024

Travel nursing for Lara MacKenzie-Bolonchuk has been better than she could have imagined. Lara, Axis Traveler of the Month for April 2024, has taken the leap to move from Canada to the United States to be a Travel Nurse. Read more about her story and Lara as an Axis Traveler of the Month!

How did you get into travel nursing?

I was looking for more experience and freedom. Coming from Winnipeg, there is less going on, so my flexible schedule gives me more work/life balance. Collaborating is a lot more common here in the States as well. The ratios in America have been highly nurse-friendly, which is better for patient care. I have also found the hospitals to be much more organized. 

How did you end up in Washington State?

I love how much there is to do in Washington State and Seattle. There are so many outdoor activities to do: art, music, food, water and mountains. I was recently reading by a lighthouse overlooking the water, and an orca jumped out right in front of me! I can’t say I would have expected to experience this anywhere else. Cascade Park is also a favorite spot of mine.

What would you note as a rewarding experience?

Something I’ve found neat is that the facility I work in has the unit fill out cards to recognize other co-workers and the hard work they bring to the table. It’s so nice that the team notices collaboration and how well we all work together and gives praise. Management will then review and share the notes with the entire team.  

From your experience, what advice would you have for travelers?

You know more than you think you do. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and jump in and be part of the team. I was worried about coming to the States with different protocols and charting systems, but my experience could not be any better.  

How do you spend your free time?

In my free time you can find me going to the gym, going on lots of walks, lounging by the water, trying out new restaurants, visiting new parks and planning vacations to new states. Recently, I went to a tulip festival and a baseball game, which were both firsts for me. I enjoyed attending my first Seahawks NFL game with my dad shortly after moving to Washington. Axis Traveler of the Month April 2024

How did you discover Axis?

I was looking online at the best travel nursing companies, and since I came from another country, I wanted to make sure that I was working with a reputable company. Everything has gone very smoothly, from starting my traveling adventure, crossing the border, and beginning my assignment. Charity was the first recruiter to reach out to me, and we got along right away. She was super quick to answer my questions and extremely personable to talk to. 


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