Axis Traveler of the Month March 2024 Lisa P.

Lisa P. Axis Traveler of the Month

Travel nursing has come naturally to Lisa P. Axis Traveler of the Month for March 2024. Lisa has turned her passion for adventure and building her experience around nursing into a fulfilling career. Read more about her story and Lisa P. as an Axis Traveler of the Month!

How did you get into travel nursing?

The journey into travel nursing began with a desire for growth and adventure. I had been working at a facility where my role sort of became stagnant, and I knew I had potential in my career. The decision to venture into travel nursing was the perfect opportunity to combine my love for travel and my passion for nursing. 

How did you end up in Rapid City?

Choosing Rapid City as a destination was motivated by my desire to travel—specifically, to experience weather and outdoors in a location that is completely new to me. It has always been a hobby of mine to discover new hiking trails and tackle them throughout different seasons to see how much they change. 

What do you enjoy most about Rapid City?

Rapid City is so scenic and diverse. Having grown up in New Jersey, I find the landscapes and lifestyle here so different from what I am used to. The laid-back attitude of the local people has been a refreshing change for me to be a part of. 

What would you note as a rewarding experience?

The most rewarding experience for me so far has been building my knowledge and experience, particularly in understanding family dynamics and gaining self-awareness in different scenarios. This career path has significantly boosted my confidence and has made me a better nurse even after just a few short months. 

From your experience, what advice would you have for travelers?

My advice for travelers is to be open to accepting discomfort and fear, as these moments encourage growth. Being part of challenging situations and keeping an open mindset is so important for personal development in travel nursing. 

How do you spend your free time?

My adventure started day one when I set off on my road trip from Jersey to Rapid City and it remains a highlight of my travel nurse adventure. It was the first step in building my confidence and knowing that I could tackle this travel nursing thing and how to prep and be on the road by myself for many future travels. 

How did you discover Axis?

I found Axis after researching top travel companies. The connection with Axis was immediate, especially with Kylee, who provided support right away and has become a friend. It’s been great having someone who shares common interests and is honest about the challenges of travel nursing and how to prepare. Kylee and the Axis team quickly provided answers and made me feel like there weren’t any challenges we couldn’t figure out together. 


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