Traveler of the Month: Delaney Atkinson

Meet Delaney Atkinson our Traveler of the Month for November 2023! Each month, we take time to recognize one of our Axis Rock Stars who has exceeded expectations in care and compassion for patients, coworkers and the families they work with. Delaney is currently working as an Oncology Nurse in Seattle, WA and has been enjoying her time in The Emerald City! 

Let’s dive in and get to know Delaney a little better!

Why did you decide to get into Travel Nursing?

I wanted to get into travel nursing to expand my knowledge, find financial freedom and become debt-free. I was a nurse for six years in Canada. Many of my Calgary, AB friends became travel nurses and shared their positive experiences with me. Hearing from all my friends made me want to take the leap. I chose Seattle as my first contract location because I’ve heard great things before coming here. Since arriving in April, It’s been better than I could have ever imagined. The weather has been mild and comfortable and the people have been so kind.

The biggest adjustment to patient care I have noticed is working with insurance and being unable to get certain medicines and/or treatments approved for patients. Each facility is different, but I have been very impressed with Fred Hutch as they have an extremely high-quality standard of care.


Tell us about your rewarding experiences as a traveler.

I had one patient with a unique social situation where his final wish was to see his family and meet his grandchildren. Due to his health conditions, he couldn’t travel because of the oxygen supply he needed. Fortunately, I found a company that got my patient set up with the proper oxygen supply. After traveling by train, he finally fulfilled his wish and met all his family in South Carolina.

Having had the opportunity to float and experience first-hand what it’s like to work in different patient care forms is so rewarding. It helps me learn new skills, adapt quickly and figure out what I enjoy doing in my work.

Any advice you’d like to share with Canadian Travelers looking to travel in the U.S.?

For a Canadian, the number one piece of advice is to begin applying and connecting with an Axis Recruiter early because the process can take quite a bit of time. I would suggest planning for a 4–6-month timeframe to get a contract in place.

When crossing the border from Canada into the United States, you’re supposed to enter 0-10 days before you start on your TN Visa. When you get your TN Visa, they will ask about your location of work, and it’s important to know that the TN visa is valid in that location for three years. If you move locations for a job, you should get a new TN visa before moving states.

What do you think is important to know prior to traveling?

Don’t settle on a contract because you’re worried about time. Frequently, new opportunities become available and have patience- it’ll land you that dream assignment. Make sure to weigh all your options and find something you know would be a good fit for you.

What do you enjoy most about your current location?

The natural beauty of Seattle is incredible. There are so many different bodies of water to explore and so many activities you can do outdoors. In the summer, you’ll find the most beautiful weather. Everyone here in Seattle is so nice, and you don’t see much judgment here at all.

What are some hobbies that you do in your free time?

Since moving to Seattle in April, I have been to about four baseball games. I also enjoy hiking and kayaking in the summer. During my days off, I like to stay active and work out. I have a gym membership and go to Orange Theory as often as possible.

I have found some fantastic local bakeries and restaurants here. The first is The French Guys bakery, which has the most incredible freshly baked goods. Another one of my favorites is Cornelly Italian Restaurant, which has pizza and pasta that is to die for!

How did you discover Axis?

I found Axis Medical through a mutual friend who referred me to speak to Charity Crawford. I have had a wonderful experience with Axis and working with Charity. She always checks on me to see how things are going and makes herself available whenever I need her.

I also want to note how smooth the onboarding process was. Being Canadian, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the team made it simple, and everyone was easy to communicate with. Another perk are the fantastic benefits that Axis offers. I feel well taken care of here at Axis Medical.

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