Axis Traveler of the Month May 2024

Axis Traveler of the Month May 2024

We’re ecstatic to feature Alston Scott as our Axis Traveler of the Month May 2024. This long-time Axis traveler shares her journey into the world of travel nursing during the unpredictable times of the pandemic and how it’s been better than anticipated since leaping into the industry.

What made you want to get into travel nursing?

The idea of travel nursing came up during the pandemic. My husband and I were recently married and were looking to experience life in a new location, all while I could help patients in areas that needed it the most. After thorough research and conversations with Sam Lay and the Axis team, Axis Medical was a no-brainer, marking the beginning of an exciting jump into my travel nursing career.

What do you enjoy most about your current location?

My husband and I have been residing in Seattle for the past five months; the community, nature, and cultural scene have been a great fit. From hiking with our dogs and enjoying Mariners baseball games to soaking up the local art scene and participating in trivia nights at Elysian Brewing, Seattle offers a whole lot for everyone, and it didn’t take us long to discover it’s the warmth and genuineness of the people that make Seattle feel like home. Some of our favorite neighborhood delights that we highly recommend include Feed Co. Burgers and Reubenstein Bagels.

What has been a rewarding experience for you as a Traveler?

I have had a few, but I had a patient who had symptoms arise quickly that were making her uncomfortable, so I worked hard to figure out what was going on and provide a solution. Seeing her and her family filled with relief and being so thankful will always stick with me. They made me feel like I knew I was where I needed to be. Moments like these are prime examples of why I love what I do and cover the nature of travel nursing, where making a difference takes on a whole new meaning.

What advice do you have to share?

I do believe that travel nursing is a career that you’ve got to be ready and well prepared before jumping in. It can be intense, and you’re moving somewhere where you don’t know anyone. While a fresh start could be what some are looking for, it’s important to be resilient and flexible.

When you’re moving to a completely different city and state, there are etiquette and laws that you might not be aware of. When we moved to Vermont, it was a bit of a seasonal culture shock, and I’ll never forget we had our car parked on the street during a snowstorm, and it then got towed because the city plows didn’t have enough room. Knowing the etiquette and laws for where you’re going is important.

Having a positive attitude can help you make the most of different situations. A positive attitude makes a world of difference. Teamwork is a major aspect of traveling, and I have been fortunate enough to be part of inclusive teams as a travel nurse, which has helped me make new friends and establish trust.

How did you d​iscover Axis?

Highway Hypodermics and Travel Nursing Newbies had information listed about Axis and it just felt like a good fit. I liked being able to read reviews on so many different aspects of travel nursing.

Once I reached out, Sam connected with me right away and we got along immediately. He quickly answered all my questions and landed me an assignment that was exactly what I was looking for.

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