I have been a nurse rapidly working towards 30 years. Electrophysiology has been my specialty for close to half my career. I needed a change and as an “older” person, the idea of going outside my comfort zone was scary. From the very first conversation Axis made the transition easy. My recruiter listened to my concerns, my goals, and what I required to be successful, not just for me but my family. She was honest from the beginning and addressed questions that I didn’t even know to ask.

Since starting to travel this “Grammie” has had the opportunity to work in some amazing EP programs. Met some lifelong friends. I have hiked the Rockies, the Smokies, zip lined, seen the work of my favorite artists with my own eyes. I have dipped my toes in the Atlantic, watched the sun set on the gulf. My family has had the chance to see the sites of several cities along with me. I have a “home church” in each city I land. Through them I have had the opportunity to minister to so many in a variety of situations. Each place I go I try to leave it a little better in some way than when I arrived.

There are hard days, not going to lie, in spite of it all I have been truly blessed.