Traveler of the Month: Meghan Shaw

Meet Meghan Shaw our Traveler of the Month for April 2023! Each month, we take time to recognize one of our Axis Rock Stars that have gone above and beyond every day for their patients, coworkers and the families they work with. Meghan is currently working as a Med Surg traveler in Charleston, South Carolina; A destination she’s been itching to get to for some time now!

Let’s dive in and get to know Meghan a bit better!

Tell us about a positive experience you’ve had since you started traveling.

One of my favorite experiences traveling so far is that I have thoroughly enjoyed being somewhere new and meeting people that are native to South Carolina. I have found that conversing with locals not only teaches me something new each day but opens the doors to learning about the city’s best attractions and hearing what locals recommend checking out. Something funny that I have learned is that it doesn’t take long for people to recognize that I am from out of state based on my “Midwest Accent.”

How do you unwind after a long shift?

After a long day at work to rest and recoup I like to read various novels, walk through different parks and research pottery art classes. I got into pottery a few years ago and it has become a fun hobby to learn about and master! A couple of my favorite local foodie spots I have discovered here in Charleston are Miller’s which is an All Day Brunch spot and Off Track Ice Cream which is nestled away off one of the main streets living up to its name! Some of the best homemade ice cream I have ever had! 

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What do you enjoy most abut being in Charleston, SC? 

What I have loved most about being in Charleston, SC is that it is a very walkable city and there are many different parks that I can go to and wander about to be in nature during my days off. There is a lot of history here and that has not only led me to new conversations but keeps me learning more about what this city has to offer. Here soon, I am going to be having some family and friends visit so I’ve been working on building itineraries of fun things for us to do when they are here!

Share some advice with us about getting into a travel healthcare career?

It’s important to know how to manage your schedule and prep ahead of time before each shift. I have quickly come to realize the significance of planning ahead and prioritizing giving myself enough time to complete chores and meal prep. By keeping organized and managing my time, I have noticed it’s allowed me to focus on delivering exceptional patient care every day and keeps me feeling refreshed and not as busy feeling on my days off!

Is there anything you wish you knew before becoming a traveler?

I’ve learned that time flies when it comes to snagging those contracts and getting started. I’ve come to appreciate embracing the location I am in and saying yes to new opportunities that come my way. The credentialing process can be tedious, but the credentialing team at Axis has gone above and beyond and my recruiter is always available to answer my questions!

How did you decide you wanted to become a traveler?

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my nursing career. I just realized that traveling would be an eye opening experience and I would get to learn new ways of practice and figure out where I want to be long term and what I want to be doing. One aspect that I will forever be grateful for is how much traveling has built up my confidence. Before, I was hesitant to go out on my own and now I am ready to take on so many new destinations and appreciate being by myself and learning new ways of living.  

What do you like best about working with Axis?

I found Axis online and what sealed the deal was talking to Kimberly and having a recruiter that takes the time to get to know me. She understood intentions and Axis puts a different emphasis on the Travel approach. I went into the travel nursing for the travel and Kimberly made it a priority to fit what I was looking for.


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