Traveler of the Month: Kristin Smith

Say “Hey!” to Kristin Smith our Traveler of the Month for June 2023! Each month, we like to take time to recognize one of our Axis Rock Stars that have exceeded expectations in care and compassion for patients, coworkers and the families they work with. Kristin is currently working as a PCU Nurse in Madison, WI; A location she has been looking forward to getting to and a facility she’s enjoyed working at.

Let’s dive in and get to know Kristin a little better!

What do you enjoy most about being in Madison, WI

I have absolutely loved working at UW Health! So much that I am even taking on another contract with them. It’s also a plus that there is so much to do in Wisconsin. The UW campus is full of life and there are always local events that you can find to check out. On my days off you can find me visiting trendy cocktail bars or checking out new wineries. There are so many options to explore in Madison!

Any advice you’d like to share about getting into a travel healthcare career?

It is important to make sure your patients are your first priority along with your nursing license and knowing the value it holds. Keeping your patients safety needs to be top of mind every time you walk through those doors for your shift. I would also note to be close with your recruiter and form a good relationship to help communicate what is right for not only you, but your patients as well.

What has been a rewarding experience as a traveler?

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and working as a nurse for 15. When I decided to pursue travel nursing I never expected to fall in love with a facility that I was working at so much that I became a permanent staff member. It was so rewarding to have co-workers that quickly became family and turning a travel job into a permanent position until I was ready to begin traveling again. When I didn’t have family nearby I was able to lean onto this community and it really opened my eyes as to how travel nursing can make an impact in your life. 

Why did you decide to get into travel nursing?

I actually got into travel nursing to revive my passion for nursing. I was becoming burnt-out working bedside and wanted a change of pace and travel nursing was able to change my perspective. It has allowed me to find a new purpose and sense of community within the field. I have made some of my best friends working as a travel nurse. 

How did you discover Axis?

I found Axis through Bluepipes and by doing Google research. This ultimately lead me to Danielle and she has been so knowledge and genuine along the way. I also loved how quick and easy the onboarding process was. I never got a sense of anxiety talking with Axis recruiters and my time always felt important and valuable. What I love most is that Axis feels like a very personable company overall. 

Let’s start your journey as a travel nurse with Axis today! Search our available jobs here!

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