Traveler of the Month: Lisa McCaleb

Meet Lisa McCaleb our Traveler of the Month for August 2023! Each month, we like to take time to recognize one of our Axis Rock Stars that have gone above and beyond for patients, coworkers and the families they work with. Lisa is currently working as a PCU Nurse in Richmond, VA; A location she is new to, but has really grown to love!

Let’s dive in and get to know Lisa a little better!

What do you enjoy most about being in Richmond, VA

After having worked in various facilities across a few smaller Kentucky towns, being in Richmond, VA is the first “Big” city that I have worked in and we have really grown to love it here. My husband and I have discovered a few local spots that have quickly turned into some of our favorite date-night spots!

  • Afghan Cuisine is a restaurant that features Middle Eastern cuisine with delicious Kabob options 
  • Chicken Fiesta is another favorite spot in town that has incredible rotisserie chicken and tex-mex meal options 
  • Lucky AF sushi is top of the list. Their building is hand-painted by local artists

Any advice you’d like to share about getting into a travel healthcare career?

I would definitely say take the risk and don’t wait to jump into Travel Nursing. This has been such a great refresh and perfect way to boost my skills when I got used to the day to day of bedside and began to feel slightly burnt out. I truly love how Travel Nursing keeps me learning and the ability to continuing adding new skills to my resume and meet new friends along the way.

When I first started at Johnston-Willis Hospital, I was greeted immediately with new procedures and ways of care which really allowed me to jump right in and feel like part of the team. I would say that it is important to always keep in the back of your mind that the reason facilities are hiring travelers is because there is likely staffing issues, so you need to have a positive mindset and be ready to jump in an help at any given moment. 

Is there anything you wish you would have known prior to traveling?

I wish I would have been a little bit more prepared on all that is needed when becoming a traveler. I am beyond thankful that Axis was able to help me out with a majority of costs associated with traveling, but it is important to keep in mind all of the things that you will need such as: housing, travel expenses and means of transportation.

There are also a variety of personal items you will need to invent such as: Scrubs specific to the facility (most require certain colors), compression socks, a good pair of shoes, etc. 

In addition to travel and personal items, then there are the necessities, too. For example, where you will be staying and what will be included? Will you have access to washers and dryers to do laundry? If not, you will need to make sure there is a laundry mat nearby.  You’ll also want to stock up on your snack stash because shifts can be pretty unpredictable.

What has been a rewarding experience as a traveler?

There are a few people that I work closely with at the hospital that have acknowledged my experience and skillset that I have brought to the team and that has made me feel important. It means so much to me that they appreciate me always willing to take the time to teach others and be very through in my processes. I feel incredibly valued as a travel which makes my experience fool not only worth it, but meant to be.

I recently had taken care of a patient that unfortunately had to have a big procedure done. There was quite a bit of anxiety surrounding the environment in which she needed extra care and compassion. After being with her for nearly a week, we had formed a great relationship and it was a bit emotional because when I would come back to work she would be release to go home and we knew our paths might not cross again. It’s the moments like that, that have made a profound impact on me and my experience as a nurse. 

Why did you decide to get into travel nursing?

I knew that I had always wanted to grow and expand my knowledge. I became used to the day to day routine and I wanted to explore new opportunities and visit new places. I had some family obligations to tend to so I wasn’t able to travel recently and now I am honored and proud to be a travel nurse in memory of my father.

How did you discover Axis?

I found Axis because I knew I wanted a personable and genuine approach to traveling. I received the warm welcome immediately from Axis and I knew this was the best company fit for myself. It meant so much to me that are not only family focused, but include pets in that category so I knew my 3 fur-babies would also be well taken care of.

I want to really give a shoutout to the leadership of Axis and the efforts they did to make me feel comfortable and stable before my contract even began. I have never experienced such top-notch service and communication with another travel company like I have with Axis. 

Let’s start your journey as a travel nurse with Axis today! Search our available jobs here!

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