Traveler of the Year: Elise H!

Are you an avid Traveler of the Month reader? Love catching up with our Axis Rock Stars as much as we do? Then you may have seen this Rock Star featured in April 2021. Every year, our Travelers of the Month are under consideration for our Traveler of the Year title. For 2022, we’re proud to honor Elise H. as our Traveler of the Year!

Let’s see what our Traveler of the Year has to say about her experiences!

1. What are some of your most memorable moments as a travel nurse thus far?

As cliche as it sounds, my favorite memories are the ones I made with new friends. My favorite memories are of laughing and joking with new coworkers and realizing how quickly I began to feel right at home. Surfing for the first time in Charleston, SC on a gorgeous afternoon with new friends will always be a standout memory! 

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2. What has influenced you to continue traveling?

It’s addicting! I have too much fun discovering new foods, friends, and cultures. When so many of my experiences are for the first time, it makes me want to see and do even more new things. I can’t just stop now! There’s always another must-try dish, a must-do experience, and a must-see-for-myself landscape out there. 

3. If you could offer one piece of advice to a first-time travel nurse what would it be?

Travel nursing is a complicated gig! Licensing, certifications, housing, travel, compliance, and the hundred other things you need to navigate can be confusing and overwhelming. Staying organized and remaining flexible is key! It might feel like a lot, in the beginning, to prepare for your assignment, but it’s the last thing you’ll be thinking about while you’re making new memories! 

4. What has been the most surprising aspect of travel nursing?

I didn’t expect travel nursing to have such a big impact on my perspective in general. I knew it would highlight how race, gender, wealth, and politics play different roles in medicine in different regions. I expected that I would learn about how pain, love, fairness, and fear are perceived by different cultures. I did not expect, however, that these experiences would so profoundly influence my day-to-day understanding of humanity. When you expose yourself repeatedly to other people’s thoughts and opinions, especially when you may not agree or have had very different experiences, the exposure alone is enough to give you a perspective you simply wouldn’t have had otherwise.  

5. Where are some of the top cities on your travel nurse bucket list?

Bend, OR in the spring, Salem, MA in the fall, Anchorage, AK in the summer, and Honolulu, HI in the winter!

6. Of the places you’ve traveled, which location has been your favorite and why?

I absolutely loved Yuma, AZ! I think it was because it was the complete stark opposite of where I grew up and spent most of my life. Everything was novel, beautiful, and unique. I have yet to find a more gracious and welcoming population. Also, the food was AMAZING!

7. What are some of the challenges you face as a travel nurse and how do you overcome?

A big challenge many travelers face is loneliness. There is no shame in feeling lonely. You are in a new environment, you are miles away from friends and family, and you’re starting from scratch at work! It takes time to adjust. I bring some small and easy-to-pack decorative items to each assignment to personalize my space. If you participate in sports or activities at home, get involved at your new location! Facetime as opposed to voice calls or texting also makes a surprising difference! 

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8. Knowing what you know now about travel nursing, what would you tell your past self?

​It’s easy to get caught up in the intricacies and sticky details. There are a lot of nuances to being successful and understanding the ins and outs of travel nursing and travel nurse culture. It is okay to be unsure and anxious. This profession does not provide the same warm, safe stability of a monthly paycheck and predictable expenses.  Trust that this is what you want to do and that you are strong and independent enough to do it. Trust that if you fall you have the strength to pick yourself up and try again. The experiences you have will be worth it. 

9. How do you think travel nursing has impacted your personal relationships if at all?

You have a lot of time to think while on assignment between work and all the cool new things you’re trying. During the time you spend by yourself you begin to know yourself better. When you are repeatedly challenging yourself and seeing and doing new things, you learn better who you are. You become better aware of your strengths and weaknesses. I have gained perspective on myself and I try to apply this new knowledge to my personal relationships. It has made me appreciate the time I have with my loved ones and has made me much more patient and empathetic.  

10. Finally, what do you like best about working at Axis?

Axis in general is a very professional, dependable, and reputable company. You will come to find that that is usually the exception and not the rule! Your company is the foundation upon which your entire experience is based! Axis is SOLID! I would be extremely remiss, however,  without highlighting the importance of my recruiter! My recruiter, Charity, truly expresses how much she believes in me and encourages me to reach as high as I can. I feel 100% supported in knowing that travel nursing is my personal journey and I am doing it my way. She provides invaluable advice and encouragement. Her experience in the industry has greatly contributed to my ability to land assignments in the destinations I truly desire! Can’t thank ya enough lady!

Congratulations Elise!

You truly embody the Rock Star spirit and we’ve loved having you on the team! 🙂

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