The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Next Travel Assignment – Part 2!

For travel nurses, every new assignment brings the same dilemma: what to pack and what not to pack. Every traveler’s packing list will be different, but there are a few essentials that no traveler should leave behind. We covered some basic necessities for travel nurses in our first Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Next Travel Assignment. However, we found some additional items and tips that we thought would be useful to add. So without further ado, here is the Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Next Travel Assignment – Part 2!

Essential Items for Work

Comfortable work shoes – Travel nurses are constantly on their feet for long periods of time, so having comfortable work shoes with lots of cushioning is highly recommended. Some travelers prefer running shoe brands like Asics and Hoka One One which offer exceptional comfort and support. Brooks is another great brand, and their shoes offer a wider toe box so you’re feet don’t feel as cramped. Other nurses prefer clog-style shoes like Dansko which are more durable and water-resistant. Whatever brand you’re considering, it’s important to check if the shoes are non-slip, water or stain-resistant, and sharpes-resistant to protect your feet.

Pens and notepads – Hospitals don’t always have pens readily available for their nurses, so having your own personal supply is a must. Many nurses also choose to bring multi-colored pens to keep their notes organized. Having an extra notepad or two wouldn’t be a bad idea either in case yours gets lost or ruined.

A good watch – When you’re taking pulses and vital signs of your patients, a reliable watch is crucial and the clock on your phone might not be the best option. Speidel is a watch manufacturer that specifically caters to nurses with their Scrub Watch series. The Scrub Watch is the quintessential watch for medical professionals, known for its easy-to-read face and timekeeping reliability. The Scrub Watch is also water-resistant and comes with a silicone strap that’s durable and easy to clean. Other brands recommended for travel nurses include Timex and Casio, and smartwatches like the Apple and Samsung Galaxy watch series.

There’s nothing worse than starting a 12-hour shift and realizing you forgot an essential work item, so make a checklist and double-check that you have everything you need for your shift before you walk out the door.

Outdoor Recreation Gear

Many of our travelers are outdoor enthusiasts, and certain outdoor activities require specific gear and equipment. Think about what sort of outdoor gear you would need for your next assignment. Are you a skier/snowboarder looking to hit the slopes during the winter? Do you like to hike and camp during the summer? Whatever outdoor activities you plan on doing, make sure you have a plan for transporting all your gear. If you don’t have room for something, you can always rent or buy what you need once you reach your destination.

Electronics and Toiletries Organizers

In today’s modern era, electronics are critical for daily life. However, packing all of your necessary electronics and charging cords can be a nightmare. If you’re struggling to keep your electronics organized, consider a travel accessory bag that is built to store all your devices. Keeping all your devices and charging cords in one place will help make them easily accessible, and will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Also, it would be beneficial to invest in a toiletry bag or Dopp kit, so you can keep your toiletries organized in the same way.

Pet Supplies

More and more travel nurses are traveling with their pets, and that means packing pet supplies. Remembering items like bedding, treats, and your pet’s favorite toy will help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Furthermore, don’t forget to bring your pets immunization records and any medication they need. If you’re traveling by plane, there are certain records and documentation you’ll need in order for your pet to fly. Make sure you do your research in advance so your travel plans are not delayed. As an added bonus, Axis will help you pay for the costs associated with moving your pet!

Apps to Help You Pack!

If you want some extra help, there are apps that can help with packing for your next travel assignment. PackPoint is an intelligent packing app that will tell you what you need to pack based on length of travel, the climate at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. The app is endorsed by news outlets like the BBC and Washington Post and is made for serious travelers. Packr is another option that has similar features and also allows you to share your packing list with travel companions.

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