Travel Nurse of the Month – Megan and Shanel!

Why have only one Travel Nurse of the Month when you can have 2? 🙂 The travel team of Megan and Shanel have been a dream to work with and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of their travels, especially in our home city of Seattle.  It’s a well deserved honor to have them both as our Travelers of the Month for June!

Let’s get to know them a bit better.

Name: Megan B. & Shanel O.

City, State: Seattle, WA

Specialty: CVICU

Month: June

1.  How’d you get into travel nursing?


I love to travel. Growing up in a small town in North Carolina was wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a great big world out there that is full of adventures and I knew that I was made to explore it. You have to take adventures to know where you truly belong!




I worked with Megan at Roper hospital as permanent staff and we both decided to travel nurse when we realized that we wanted more experience as a cardiac critical care nurses. Megan and I felt that it was time to expand in our overall knowledge as both critical care nurses and cardiac critical care nurses.

Shanel T.O.M.


2.  What’s the best part about traveling?


There are so many wonderful parts to traveling. Meeting new people, exploring new places, learning different cultures, and learning to be flexible and open to new ideas and experiences. I am so blessed to be able to combine my passion for travel with my career.


I think the best part about traveling has been the relationships I have been able to form with the staff. I have established solid, professional relationships with many of my co workers, that I know will last a lifetime. The networking that I have been able to do as a travel nurse through Axis Medical has been astounding!


3.  You meet a first time traveler in the Seattle area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?


Portage Bay for brunch and Molly Moon’s for ice cream!



One of my favorite restaurants to go to for the view alone is the Edgewater. A must!


4.  What’s the best part about the Seattle area?


I have loved everything about Seattle. There’s always something to do on your days off whether it’s hiking in some incredible mountain ranges, shopping at the market, going to a concert, drinking beer at a local brewery, paddle-boarding or boating on one of the beautiful waterways, or attending a sporting event. This city has a little bit of everything!


I think the best part of the Seattle area is the people. From the moment you cross into Seattle, the diversity of people is exhilarating. From Capitol Hill to Freemont, from Pioneer Square to downtown, there is no shortage of interesting people.

Pike Place Mkt

5.  Any advice for other travelers?


I would totally recommend Seattle as a travel destination. As a first time traveler, I couldn’t have asked for a better place. It is always nice to travel with a friend, but you will meet all kinds of new people wherever you go which is part of the fun in traveling. Always be flexible and have a positive attitude when being in a new place. It will take a little time to adjust and there will be days that you are really home sick, but remember to keep perspective and think of how fortunate we are to get this opportunity to see the world and help our patients! The time flies by..Enjoy every minute of it. Go out and do things on your days off! Embrace it all. No matter where you go, there you are. Be the change you want to see in this world!


Seattle has been an amazing experience. I advise to travel with a friend. I have had the opportunity to travel with one of my closest friends and it has been a big help when getting to know a brand new city.

Megan 2

6.  How do you compare Axis to others travel companies?


Axis has been nothing but wonderful to me. From day one, I felt extremely supported and encouraged by everyone there. If I need anything, someone is available immediately to answer a question or to help me out. I think they truly have your best interest in mind and are honest with you about all of the details along the way. Thank you Axis, and thank you Alisha for being an amazing recruiter!


Axis medical provided me with the exact position that I was looking for in Seattle! Alisha has been accessible 24/7 and answers all of my questions with honesty and professionalism. I would definitely take another assignment through Axis and recommend them as an organization.

“Megan and Shanel are great examples of what it means to be Axis Rock Stars. They were enthusiastic about the new opportunity, communicated well and always followed through for both Axis and the facility. They’re friendly, responsible, and well-liked by the whole team! I’m glad they made it to Seattle, it was a long journey across the country for their first assignment and it’s fair to say they rocked it!”

Alisha~ Alisha R. – Megan and Shanel’s Rock Star Recruiter

Congrats Megan & Shanel! You’re both Rock Stars! 

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