May Travel Nurse of the Month: Latonya B.

Name: Latonya B.

City, State: Frankfort/Lexington, Kentucky

Specialty: Med/Surg

Month: May

How’d you get into travel nursing?

Actually I stumbled into travel nursing but am so thankful each day that I have.  It has allowed me to utilize nursing skills that I may not have ever been able to use.

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What’s the best part about traveling?

The best part of travel nursing is getting to know and understand various departments in the nursing field and grow in more areas than one.  This has challenged me to use knowledge that I had learned in nursing school but had tucked away until I needed it.  Making new friends with other travel colleagues has been a plus as well.  These are friendships that will be lifelong.

You meet a first time travel nurse in the Frankfort/Lexington area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

My fellow colleagues and I always order food and the best place to eat around the area is a little place called “The Cookout” which is very close to the hospital and for us midnight nurses. It’s open ‘till 3AM.

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What’s the best part about the Frankfort/Lexington area?

I have totally enjoyed the Frankfort area because it is so close to Lexington, where I’ve been able to spend time with various friends and family that I have not had contact with recently.  I love catching up!!!  Other travelers need to try the Frankfort/Lexington area at least once.  The hospitality here is not easily compared

Any advice for other travelers?

Be open to anything because you will feel like you have a new set of friends and family anywhere you go.


How to you compare Axis to other travel companies?

Axis is one of the most desirable companies any nurse could ever hope to gain employment with.  My recruiter has gone above and beyond to make my experience very enjoyable on the great days and those that come with a little more challenge.  I consider it a privilege to be part of such a respectable company.

Travel Nursing and it’s Lasting Imprints…

Being based in Lexington allowed Latonya’s daughter, a recent high school graduate, the opportunity to frequently visit the University of Kentucky.  She fell in love with the school.  And now, Latonya is happy to announce that her daughter will be attending the UofK in the fall.  She is so excited to be a future Wildcat!

Latonya Daughter

Congrats Latonya! We’re so happy to be a part of your travels. 🙂

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