Travel Nurse of the Month – Devlin R!

Name: Devlin R.

City, State: Bozeman, MT

Specialty: Endoscopy

Month: October

1.  What are some of your most memorable moments as a Travel Nurse?

Working in Bend, Oregon, on 3 separate occasions for the same facility. It’s flattering when they specifically ask for me to come back. What a wonderful team! Also, Fairbanks, AK in the late winter: extreme cold, amazing northern lights, a road trip to the Arctic Circle, and driving in Denali National Park before the official spring opening. And finally, getting to try local beers!

2.  What has influenced you to continue traveling?

I’ve always been a wanderer at heart. It’s exciting to go and see new places, as well as return to old haunts.

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3.  You meet a first time travel nurse in the Bozeman area, which restaurants are a must for them to try?

Montana Ale Works! Great burgers and local beers!! But if you prefer sushi (even in Montana), you have to go to Dave’s Sushi! Delicious and very affordable.

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4. What’s the best part about the Bozeman area?

It’s access to outdoor activities: Yellowstone National Park, multiple rivers and hiking trails!

5.  What has been the most surprising aspect of being a Travel Nurse?

The friendships I’ve developed with other travelers, as well as staff members, at facilities I’ve worked in.

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6.  How does Axis compare to other travel companies?

Axis is much more personable than other companies I’ve worked for. The staff know me by name (and sometimes by voice). I don’t feel like I’m just a number to them. My recruiter, Lynna, is always genuinely cheerful and she always lets me know I’m appreciated. She is the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with!

Congrats Devlin! You’ve been a fantastic member of the Axis Team! 🙂

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