Travel 101 – Top Questions to Ask During a Travel Nurse Interview

You’re almost there! It’s time for your travel nurse interview. The last step between you and the start of your next adventure. During this 15-30 minute phone call you’ll be tasked with learning all you can about the unit while also selling yourself as the best candidate. How do you do this? What should you ask? Your recruiter will probably be able to answer some of your general questions, but even the best recruiters won’t be able to provide every detail about the unit or specific hospital policies. Before you sign on the dotted line, these are the questions our Rock Star Recruiters, recommend you ask.


How many patients do you see in a typical day?

Is the nurse to patient ratio different for days/mids/nights?

How much unit orientation will be provided?

What types of cases are typically assigned to travelers and is this different from the regular staff?

What type of charting system do you use?

How many support staff do you have available?

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How is the scheduling handled? Is it predetermined or do I have the option to self schedule?

What is the preferred start date and shift times?

What is your policy on picking up extra shifts?

What is your policy regarding holdays/time off requests?

Is block scheduling an option?


Will I be floating to different units in this position?

What types of units will I be expected to float to?

Will travelers be expected to float first, or in rotation with staff?

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First Day Information

How long is the hospital orientation?

Will there be tests administered on the first day?

Is parking provided or will this be a daily cost for me?

What are the options for parking passes?

Will I be providing my own scrubs? If so what color?


Use this list as a reference guide during your next travel nurse interview, and you’ll never forget to ask an important question again! Good luck!


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