5 Free Workouts You Can Do at Home

At some point, you may find yourself on a remote contract, where you may not have access to the city amenities you’re used to. Some of our most daring travelers have taken on adventures in the most isolated regions of Alaska, and critical access hospitals in the Rocky Mountains. Some are living and working in food deserts across the nation, where affordable nutritious food options are scarce. As you can imagine, having limited access to healthy food choices and fitness centers can pose some challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So how can you stay on top of your fitness without access to a gym? Thankfully, there are tons of great on-demand workouts you can do from home, without spending a dime! Check out these five free workouts that will really get your heart pumping!

1. Social Media Fitness Gurus

Social media fitness gurus are all the rage these days, and there are several well-renowned fitness coaches offering free workout videos on their Instagram and YouTube channels. Pamela Reif has a loyal following, with 4.7 million viewers on Instagram, and she has a bunch of workout videos on her YouTube channel, most of which you can complete in less than 20 min. Noelle Benepe is another option that was recommended by one of our travelers. She started her fitness company in 2011, and you can view her home workout challenges on her Instagram.

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2. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is one of the most popular yogis on social media with over 6 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel, and her mission is to bring high quality free yoga videos to as many people as possible. Her 15 min. Meditation for Anxiety video has over 1 million views alone, and her channel is loaded with yoga workouts of varying skill levels, from Yoga for Beginners to Yoga for Risk Takers.

3. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a wide variety of different workouts, with 600 free workout videos and counting! These videos range from cardio and HITT workouts, to free weight and resistance band workouts. You can even track your progress using their free customizable fitness calendar. Fitness blender was started by Daniel and Kelli, a couple who is very passionate about healthy living, and have over 5 million subscribers.

4. CrossFit

Crossfit has been steadily rising in popularity over the years, and can be a great resource for finding creative ways to stay in shape. Their website is full of free workout videos, and some of the workouts implement everyday household items. For example, they have a deadlift and lunges workout that uses milk jugs as free weights.

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5. Beachbody

Many of the on-demand workout programs like Beachbody and Phitting Room offer free trials for their products, and you can always decide to cancel after the free trial, or stick with it if you’re happy with the results. Phitting Room is mostly high intensity workouts, while Beachbody offers everything from cardio, to weights, even country music dancing! You also get access to a wide variety of professional coaches and trainers, and it’s all subscription based, so you don’t have to pay per video.


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