Pro Tips – Travel Nursing with your Pets

Bringing your pet with you on your next travel nurse assignment!

Those of us with dogs or cats know how valuable they are as companions. But when you’re moving around the country for your career as a travel nurse, there are a few things to consider when traveling with your pet, to make things as easy as possible when em-bark-ing (had to) on your next adventure. Here are our top tips for forward-planning if you’re going to bring your faithful four-legged family member with you.

1.  Take your pet to the vets for a health check before you leave for your next placement, and make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

2.  Read up on local vets and try and get registered at one before you arrive.

3.  Make sure your pooch or kitty is microchipped and has an up-to-date ID tag – and ensure the details are accurate and show your latest destination!

4.  Research how you will travel to your next assignment – make sure the airline you’re travelling with will clear your pet to fly with you beforehand, ensure your carrier is approved at TSA, and check that you’ve paid any relevant fees. If you’re driving, make sure your carrier will be safe on the seat and won’t slide around.

5.  Make sure the accommodation you secure, and any hotels you stop at on the way, are pet-friendly ahead of time.

6.  Ensure you have a roomy pet carrier and plenty of food, water and necessary medication for the journey to your next destination – plus plenty of cleaning supplies in case of any accidents, spare blankets, and some toys to keep them entertained.

7.  Take plenty of breaks on the journey if you’re driving, so they can stretch their legs, take a comfort break, and get a friendly snuggle.


8.  Arrive a couple days early so you and your pet can have some time to get settled in together, explore the neighborhood, and make your temporary accommodation feel like home.

9.  Secure your dog a space in Doggy Daycare, find a sitter on Rover or Dog Vacay, or find them a regular, trustworthy dog walker through local websites. You could also try finding local pet groups, dog parks or pet stores, as they might have the best tips on keeping your furry pal amused while you’re at work.

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10.  Establish a day-to-day routine, especially if your pet takes regular medications, so that as many parts of their life are un-disrupted as possible – this will make it easier for them (and you!) to feel settled quickly.

11.  If you can, do a test run if you’re worried that your cat or dog won’t be good at traveling. If you’re driving it might be a good idea to book yourself a weekend away somewhere not too far away, and see how your pet copes with the shorter journey. It’s also a great way for you to have some downtime before your next assignment!

Did you know?  We pay for the pet deposits and costs associated with moving your critter! Ask your recruiter about it today.

Go Ahead. Be a Rock Star, and start planning your travel nursing adventure today!


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