The Benefits of Yoga for Travel Nurses

It can be difficult for travel nurses to find an exercise routine that they can stick to.  Frequent travel, long work hours, and the resulting exhaustion can make it a challenge to stay motivated to hit the gym or go running.  For these reasons and more, many travel nurses have turned to yoga which is a versatile exercise program that improves not only your physical fitness but also your ability to cope with stressful situations in your professional and personal lives.

Yoga is great for all fitness levels:

Whether you’re a true beginner or someone who is already very active, there is truly a yoga for everyone.  A common misconception about yoga is that it is only for the most flexible and fit people, but there are options and styles that range from very gentle stretching and posture sequencing to highly intense hot power flows.  The best thing about yoga is that it increases with you and allows you to push forward or pull back easily based on how you feel on a given day.

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Yoga is portable:

Since all you really need to do yoga is a mat, you can take it with you wherever you go.  The breathing exercises and postures are easy to learn at your own pace, so you can practice in a class, your apartment, or a quiet space on a break from your work shift.  Yoga is great to practice with friends or entirely on your own.  Many people choose to practice yoga in a combination of formats, attending a few classes a week and also moving through some posture sequences on their own time in the comfort of their own homes.


Our Rock Star Yogi Courtney on assignment in Colorado.

Yoga improves strength and mobility:

Any travel nurse knows that long work shifts can be taxing on the body, causing soreness and fatigue in muscles and joints.  Since yoga strengthens core muscles and increases flexibility, it can support those who experience back and joint pain and decrease discomfort in the entire body.  Yoga can be practiced on the floor, in an upright position, or even sitting in a chair, so it’s an excellent way to combat the muscle tightness and joint soreness that comes with a busy day on the job.

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Yoga reduces stress and improves focus:

In addition to being great for the body, yoga is very healing for the mind.  Since yoga incorporates breathing exercises and simple meditations, it can be an accessible way to connect with yourself, quiet the mind, and reduce the stress that naturally comes with having a busy and demanding schedule.  The mindfulness piece of yoga is perfect for travel nurses who daily have to cope with working in an intense environment with major responsibilities.

One final tip about yoga is that it’s very accessible.  Most gyms now offer yoga classes, and studios that specialize in yoga are easy to find with a simple google search using your location.  It’s also helpful to know that since yoga is so popular, it is common to find a yoga class right in the hospital or wellness center where you work, and sometimes they’re even free to staff members!



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