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The process of renewing and understanding nurse licensing requirements can be overwhelming, with varying requirements from state to state. Here at Axis, we recognize the need for clarity and a user-friendly experience. We invite you to check out our new Licensing Resource Webpage dedicated to answering all your questions about Travel Nurse Licensing Requirements.

A User-Friendly Landing Page

Upon entering Axis’ Licensing Resource webpage, visitors are greeted with an interactive map of the United States. This map lets you hover over each state and view details into licensing renewal time frames, fees, renewal requirements, compact state details and more.

Licensing Renewal Information

Users can easily click on their desired state to access a detailed breakdown of licensing renewal information. This information includes renewal time frames, ensuring that travel nurses can plan and know how long the renewal process can take.

Renewal Fees

Understanding the fees around licensing renewal is important for travel nurses. The Axis licensing webpage provides a quick overview of renewal fees for each state, allowing nurses to find the information they are looking for quickly.

Renewal Requirements

The requirements for license renewal can vary from state to state. Axis Medical’s licensing page simplifies this process by offering a detailed list of renewal requirements for each location. Whether it’s continuing education credits, background checks, or specific documentation, travel nurses can now easily navigate the required criteria.

Compact State Information

Working in compact states can be a game-changer for travel nurses, allowing them to practice in multiple states under a single license. The interactive licensing map highlights which states are part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), providing a quick reference for nurses planning their assignments.

Additional Resources and FAQs

In addition to the licensing resource webpage, you can find tips on navigating the licensing process to clarify specific state requirements. The page serves as a one-stop shop for travel nurses with licensing requirement questions!


Axis is proud to work closely with each of our travelers to cover the costs of renewing and obtaining a nursing license. We encourage you to check out our benefits page and Schedule a call with an Axis Recruiter to learn more about how we can work together and assist with covering the costs tied to licensing renewals.

We’re here for you

Our commitment to informing our travelers and providing a user-friendly experience to find everything you need is important to us. By offering an interactive map with detailed information on licensing renewal, fees, requirements and compact state details, Axis hopes to simplify the intricate process of managing nursing licenses through our Licensing Resource Webpage.

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