Axis Spotlight Amanda Moore

Give us a little history of how you got into the Travel Healthcare Industry!

After teaching for six years mixed in with Customer Service Management, I felt like recruiting would be a good path for me to take. I am very organized and a successful multitasker, while having the skills to successfully create relationship with all kinds of people!

What do you enjoy most about working with Travel Healthcare workers?

I value building meaningful relationships while assisting the travelers in achieving their goals! There is nothing more exciting to hear about their goals in the first few conversations and then get to see those goals be accomplished over the course of our relationship during the duration of their travel assignments.

Are there any locations you have found to be a favorite Travel Healthcare Spot among travelers?

The West Coast has a ton to offer! From hiking to city life, beautiful weather and great food; there are a ton of options to meet all the different desires of travelers. Not to mention, I have grown up in California my whole life and am very familiar with the surrounding states!

Share a piece of advice with those looking to travel!

I think it is important to really figure out why you are traveling. Is it to save money to reach a financial goal? Experience new places and enjoy the flexible lifestyle? Whatever the real reason is behind it, identifying that will only help your recruiter truly find what you are looking for and help achieve your goals faster!

What Movies or Shows would you recommend to your travelers?

Oh, I like them all! I love a good Vince Vaughn comedy, but am always interested in a good True Crime documentary! If you ever need a good recommendation, I would be more than happy to share when we chat! 

What are the top 3 activities on your bucket list?

1. Make it onto The Amazing Race or Survivor
2. Swim with elephants in Thailand
3. Travel to Ireland!

What would you say is your favorite U.S. Location?

I haven’t been everywhere yet, but I enjoy anywhere that calls for an adventure! I love seeing new places with a great outdoor setting. A love visiting cute towns with fun restaurants with the ability to then go hiking and explore! Seattle, WA was a great example of this when I went to go visit!

Tell us about the most memorable vacation you’ve taken!

I will never forget growing up when my family and I drove on a 3-week road trip and made it all the way around the Grand Canyon and through the state parks of Arizona and Utah. I do not think I appreciated it as much as I should have while I was young, and I am looking forward to experiencing that again with my family now.

What have you found that makes Axis different from the rest?

Axis is a great company to work for! A lot of my values seem to align with their core beliefs. Axis is a boutique style agency which is very appealing because everyone here takes the time to figure out exactly what our travelers are looking for and need.

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