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Meet our Axis Spotlight, Harlan White! ​Harlan started as a travel nurse recruiter back in 2016. It didn’t take long for him to transition to the Account Management side of the industry. He quickly grew into his account management role and loves working directly with facilities all over the country. We are so fortunate to have him on our Axis Rockstar team!

What do you enjoy most about working with Travel Healthcare workers?

To be part of the experience that changes our travelers’ lives and improves the lives of their patients. I strive to always keep the focus on the excellent healthcare that we are providing to those in need. Axis travelers work hard to help their patients, and we continually celebrate that healing, giving spirit!

Share a piece of advice with those looking to travel!

Be open! Try something (or somewhere) new!  Maybe even try working nights for 13 weeks? Also, riding an ebike around a new city is the best way to explore it!

What would you say is your favorite U.S. Location?

Kalalau Beach on Kauai, HI – Simply the most breathtakingly beautiful spot I have ever been.

What are the top 3 activities on your bucket list?

Are there any locations you have found to be a favorite Travel Healthcare Spot?

I have loved placing travelers in their favorite locations! Alaska, Hawaii and San Diego are highlights, but any place that really lights up our travelers is key. I LOVE hearing about how a clinician is excited about a new location. We recently received an extremely heartwarming note from an RN that we sent to Fort Wayne, IN!

What Movies or Shows would you recommend to your travelers?

Brand new show on Netflix called “You Are What You Eat” – it is an identical twin study based around health and food. I have found it to be very fascinating!

Tell us about the most memorable vacation you’ve taken!

Last year my amazing wife and I had an incredible adventure on Kauai. We were able to stay near Princeville on the north side of the island. It was truly amazing!

What have you found that makes Axis different from the rest?

The Axis approach is night and day different from other agencies. We are all about teaming up with our Rockstar clinicians to help them explore and adventure their way through this beautiful world.

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