March Travel Nurse of the Month: Karen G.

Karen - Travel Nurse of the Month

Name: Karen G.

City, State: Seattle, WA

Specialty: PACU

Month: March

How’d you get into travel nursing?

My husband and I wanted to get out of WNY after a brutal winter in 2014 and I had been researching my options for a mobile nursing career. Travel nursing offered the most flexibility and income while allowing me to see different parts of the country and different hospitals without making a permanent commitment!  

Karen - Travel Nurse of the Month

What’s the best part about being a travel nurse?

For me, the best part of traveling is meeting new people and experiencing new cities. I love finding the local spots to visit and really feel like I get to know a new place while still having a steady paycheck to depend on. Adventure is out there! 

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You meet a first time traveler in Seattle, which restaurant do they have to try?

Oh gosh, I’m still working on a huge list given to me by one of the trainers in my first assignment! I love fresh seafood, and there’s so much out here. I live outside of Seattle so I get to pick and choose what neighborhood I want to try out when I’m looking for dinner options – so far, I have loved Ivar’s up near UW, as well as Crow and Betty – Betty had amazing happy hour specials for my husband’s birthday! Glo’s is wonderful for brunch – the Eggs Benedict is to die for! Also, the Crab Pot down on the waterfront – so unique, kinda touristy, but still good. Sorry I can’t pick just one!  

Karen - Travel Nurse of the Month

Tulip Festival in La Conner, WA, about 90 minutes north of Seattle.


What’s the best part about Seattle?

Well if you look at my last answer… the food! Seriously though, there is just so much to do in this city – the arts are so well represented here, as well as sporting events, outdoor activities, and just people watching. The best part though is that to me it doesn’t feel like an overwhelmingly big city – with so much to do, it still feels manageable. Also, the people are really nice and tolerate my random questions! 

Karen - Travel Nurse of the Month

Seattle’s Infamous Gum Wall.


Any advice for other travel nurses?

Traveling is all about flexibility – on the job, with housing and transportation, and with discovering new areas.  Walking into a new facility and laying down your list of demands will not result in a good time for anyone – just know that you’re not there forever but while you’re there you can be nice, maybe make some friends, and leave a good impression. You can do just about anything for 13 weeks! 

If you need to have a plan to be comfortable with your situation, just know that the first step of that plan should be, “BE PREPARED TO GET A NEW PLAN!”

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How do you compare Axis to others travel nurse companies?

I really love working with Axis! Nicole worked hard to help me find an assignment in Seattle on pretty short notice, in an area I hadn’t worked with previously, and work out some fine details without breaking a sweat! She’s really accessible too, and puts up with my random, panicky questions when starting new assignments. Plus, I love that I can go see them in person if I need to, since they’re a local Seattle company! Who better to give you advice about Seattle than the locals!

The whole agency is great though – when I need an answer, someone is bound to have my back.

Congrats Karen! You’ve been an absolute joy to work with!

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