February Travel Nurse of the Month: Jordan W.

Jordan - Travel Nurse of the Month

Name: Jordan W.

City, State: Pueblo, CO

Specialty: Acute Float

Month: February

How’d you get into travel nursing?

Travel nursing was always something I wanted to do even through nursing school. I have a bit of wanderlust and knew this would be an amazing opportunity to experience living in different places and see some amazing things while still earning money. After gaining enough experience, I looked some companies up and called them right away.

What’s the best part about being a travel nurse?

The best part about traveling is being able to see all the different sites along the way and exploring new cities. I’ve been to a few different places now and I have seen so much just driving across the country. I always stop and take the best routes to the tourist attractions. I just want to experience as much as possible and travel nursing has allowed me to do this. Not to mention all of the nurses you will meet along the way. I have learned so much in just a short period of time thanks to all the staff I have met and worked with.

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You meet a first time traveler in Pueblo, which restaurant do they have to try?

Mr. Tandoori in downtown pueblo has some of the best Indian food I have ever had. I am from a big city known for its food and little Pueblo had the best in my book. Be sure to get some garlic naan! Also the burritos pretty much anywhere you go are amazing, they smother them in green chili. Enough said.

Jordan - Travel Nurse of the Month

What’s the best part about Pueblo?

I love the atmosphere of the Pueblo area. It’s small with a mix of blue collar workers and artists who are friendly and warm. You have an amazing view of Pikes Peak anytime you take a drive, and the sun seems to never stop shining.

Jordan - Travel Nurse of the Month

Any advice for other travel nurses?

You are there to help the staff because of a shortage so be understanding, friendly, ask a ton of questions and just jump right in. Also try to be as malleable as possible, there are several different ways to do something so, as long as you are being safe, learn how that unit does it and go with it. One thing I know people hate to hear is “well, in my hospital we did it this way.” Just be in constant learning mode and you will be just fine. Even if you have been nursing for a while, there’s always something new to learn.

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How do you compare Axis to others travel nurse companies?

I have had experience with other companies and Axis is laid back and they listen to your needs. I had a variety of job offers with better pay packages. Some recruiters can sound like sales men, my recruiter Alisha was down to earth and I felt that she had my best interest in mind. She listened to me and acted quick if I had a concern or Issue. Thanks Alisha and everyone working for the Axis Medical team.

Congrats Jordan! You’re a Rock Star! 

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