Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5

Travel RNs - Where to Next?

Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5

Unlike Ryan Bingham in Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air, as a travel nurse, you can crisscross the country without having to fire people for a living. Instead, you will be helping people and possibly saving their lives… all while traveling to the best cities the country has to offer.

Yes, it’s possible. It’s becoming more common than one might think. In today’s society, working typical hours sitting on a peeling leather chair in a cubicle is not the only way to work a full-time job. Working remotely and from home are becoming more common among professionals from a variety of ages as well as disciplines. But what about for healthcare professionals?  Well… welcome to travel nursing Specifically, travel nursing is a position that allows one to travel across the country while exercising their skills and knowledge in the best way possible.

Besides the material value that comes with the job such as excellent compensation and benefits, travel nursing offers a memorable experience that holds tremendous intrinsic value.

1. Exploration

What many people don’t realize is that one doesn’t need to travel far to immerse themselves into a gorgeous piece of scenery or witness a natural wonder. Travel nurses get the benefit of being able to explore different states and the varying types of natural beauty that they have to offer and at the same time, gain work experience in their practiced field.

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2. Meeting People

Travel nursing allows the individual to meet different people from all walks of life, which can make for great conversation as well as stories to tell the family. Meeting new people is great way to expand one’s network especially if one is a frequent traveler and coordinates with certain friends about the next city to meet in. These connections can last for a lifetime.

As Liz, our July Traveler of the Month states:

“For me, it is about the people you meet from all different parts of the US and the quick relationships you build with them when you are both out of your comfort zone and exploring a new area. Some of my travel friends have become like family to me.”

3. Inspiration

There is nothing more inspiring and motivational than traveling to a new place. It opens up the door to new ideas and possibilities. Travel nurses explore new places and experience different lifestyles, both of which are things that allow someone to expand their desire to improve their life and self-worth.

The best part is that the whole country will be your “home”, instead of one specific town. You can Live Like a Local, our explore like a tourist.  Like Ryan Bingham’s job, life on the road will open many doors and create a variety of experiences, offering adventure instead of routine.

While it may be an intimidating idea to many, for others it’s a way of life. There is an intangible amount of personal value that comes along with helping others in need while seizing every adventurous experience that the traveling has to offer.

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