July Traveler of the Month: Liz D.

Our July Traveler of the Month is…

Name: Liz D.

City, State: Seattle, WA

Specialty: ICU RN

Month: July

How’d you get into travel nursing?

I always knew I was curious to explore the world and when I heard about the option of travel nursing in nursing school I was set on going that route as soon as I graduated and got the experience needed. I began my travel nursing career in Los Angeles and slowly worked my way up north through San Francisco and finally landing in Seattle. It’s amazing to have the option to work and get paid while you are checking out new cities.

What’s the best part about traveling?

For me, it is about the people you meet from all different parts of the US and the quick relationships you build with them when you are both out of your comfort zone and exploring a new area. Some of my travel friends have become like family to me. I also enjoy the flexibility. If I want to take a trip then I can either build it into my contract or take time off in between contracts to have these experiences. A staff nurse in a permanent position may only get to take two months of vacation a year. I have been able to take as much time off as I want.

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You meet a first-time traveler in Seattle – which restaurant is a must for them to try?

I love the restaurant Westward. It sits right on Lake Union and there is a bonfire they regularly have going out in the back along the water with full drink service. They give you a blanket and it’s nice to curl up with a glass of wine by the fire. They also have great food. In particular, they have yummy seafood options or handmade pasta dishes. The whole place is done in a captain or ship theme so the ambiance is perfect for a restaurant in Seattle.

What’s the best part about Seattle?

I love the mentality here and the active lifestyles the people lead. The mountains are very accessible for hiking or skiing in winter. The sea is right outside your door. The camping is some of the best around. My favorite spots to get away to was the San Juan Islands for beachfront campsites, the North Cascades for a backpacking trip, and the Olympic Peninsula for stormy romantic beach hikes.


Any advice for other travelers?

I would definitely recommend staying in places longer than 3 months. You really get to know and experience a place better that way. Also, throw yourself into an area, branch out, and do what the locals do. Make that city yours.

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How do you compare Axis to others travel companies?

I like Axis because … it feels more personal. Nicole is my recruiter and I feel like my needs and concerns are met and issues become resolved quickly. With Axis, they take the time to get to know you and what might work for you. You are not just a number. They will work hard to make sure you are comfortable in a new assignment and getting the pay you deserve.

Congrats Liz!  We’re lucky to have you as part of the Axis family!  🙂

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