Why Oncology Nursing?

In today’s market, there are many nursing specialties for nurses to choose from. Some nurses gravitate toward the ED, others to the ICU, while many feel a connection to be an L&D nurse.  So how do you know if Oncology Nursing is the right specialty for you?  This quote may help.

Talk to an oncology nurse and they will tell you the rewards of this specialty; the fact that you never leave work thinking did I really make a difference in someone’s life today? You don’t have to ask, you did. They might tell you about the honor you feel holding a dying person’s hand, the way you live your life differently because of the people you’ve met in this profession or the joy you share in when a person finishes treatment. But it’s not for everyone. I started my career on the oncology unit with 13 newly minted nurses and more than half have moved on to other specialty areas. But if it is a right fit for you, you will know.  –   Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN *

If you are an Oncology RN, I have no doubts that you relate to the above excerpt. Now my question for you is, how do you choose which facility to devote your time? 

My guess is that you would want to work somewhere highly reputable, with an incredible survival ratio, alongside the best team of providers and surgeons in your field, with cutting edge technology. You want to work somewhere with little turnover, where nurses get hired and don’t want to leave.

At Axis, we have the great fortune to work with some of the most renowned cancer centers in America.  The types of facilities where you can put your heart and soul into an RN position and feel the joy that Carolyn mentions above. Whether you seek a short-term contract or the possibility of a permanent position, there’s room for the best of your kind.

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* Source – http://bit.ly/1LUOTRq

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