The Ultimate Day Hiking Checklist: Essential Gear for Travel Nurses on the Trail

Travel nurses have a unique opportunity to explore new destinations in the great outdoors and unwind during their time off. Discovering the beauty of nature through day hiking is a fantastic way to stay active and recharge in your free time. To help you make the most of your adventures, Axis Medical Staffing has created the ultimate day hiking essentials checklist for travel nurses.

Don’t forget to pack these affordable essentials that can all be found on Amazon for a safe and enjoyable experience on the trail.

Water & Hydration

Staying hydrated is critical for a safe and enjoyable hiking experience. Be sure to bring enough water to last you throughout your entire hike. Here are some options to take along with you on your hiking adventure.

Hydration System for your backpack: A leak-proof and easy-to-fill hydration system for your backpack.

Lightweight Compact Water Bottle: A durable and lightweight water bottle suitable for any outdoor activity.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter: A portable water filter to ensure you always have access to safe drinking water.


A comfortable and spacious backpack is perfect for carrying all your day hiking essentials. Be sure to choose a backpack with adjustable straps for comfort and multiple compartments for quick organization.

Lightweight Backpack: A versatile and lightweight backpack option suitable for day hiking.

Compact Backpack: An ergonomic and compact backpack, perfect for shorter hikes.

Hydration Backpack This backpack features a dedicated hydration sleeve as convenience for hiking enthusiasts.

Snacks for Hiking

Keep your energy levels up by packing nutritious and easy-to-carry snacks for your day hike.

Energy Bars: Tasty, nutritious, and easy-to-carry energy bars for a quick boost on the trail.

Trail Mix: A mix of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds provides a healthy and energy-dense snack.

Beef Jerky: A protein-packed option that will keep you fueled during your hike.

First Aid and Skin Protection

A well-stocked first aid kit is essential for any hiking adventure as well as proper skin protection from harmful UV rays and insects.

Compact Adventure Medical Kit: A lightweight and compact first aid kit perfect for day hikes.

Water Resistant Sunscreen: A non-greasy and water-resistant sunscreen.

Insect Repellent: A reliable spray repellent that provides protection against a variety of insects.


Select comfortable and supportive hiking shoes or boots suited for the terrain you’ll be exploring.

Hiking Shoe: A lightweight and supportive hiking shoe for varied terrain.

Hiking Boot: A sturdy and waterproof hiking boot ideal for more rugged trails.

Hiking Waterproof Shoe: A shoe option for those that might have to cut through shallow streams.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Dress in layers and choose moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your hike. Pack extra clothing in case of sudden weather changes.

Puff Jacket: A lightweight and packable insulated jacket for cooler temperatures.

Active Long-Sleeve Shirt: A moisture-wicking and breathable shirt, ideal for sun protection.

Moisture Control Socks: Durable and stretchy allowing for breathing and comfort during your hike.

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