Travel Nurse of the Month – Lisa T!

Name: Lisa T.

City, State: Seattle, WA

Specialty: NICU

Month: Sept. 1

1.  How’d you get into travel nursing?

I’ve always been a bit nomadic and after staying in one place for a couple of years in a NICU in southern Texas then moving to the PNW for my husband’s job, it seemed like a great time to revisit the nomad lifestyle and seek a travel nursing gig.

2.  What’s the best part about traveling?

Meeting new people and experiencing different methods, policies, and protocols. It has been a great way to challenge my ability to adapt.

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3.  You meet a first time travel nurse in the Seattle area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

Portage Bay in Ballard for breakfast! But, I’m really the worst person to ask! I cook a lot so haven’t dabbled much in the restaurant scene since I arrived, however, the PNW is known for its insanely good seafood so go somewhere you can get fresh, wild caught salmon and/or dungeness crab. Yummm!

Portage Bay Breakfast


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4. What’s the best part about the Seattle area?

Big city without the “big city” feel and absolutely beautiful in the summer! Lots of outdoor activities and nearby places to explore.


5.  Any advice for other travelers?

Approach everything with an open mind and ask lots of questions!

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6.  How do you compare Axis to others travel companies?

It has been such a joy to work with Axis compared with the other company I work with (they will remain unnamed because while I don’t love them, still respect them). The small crew at Axis is professional, extremely competent, helpful, and responsive. I feel like I’m an important member of a team rather than just another traveler in the shuffle.

Congrats Lisa! We’re so stoked you joined the Axis team! 🙂

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