Travel Nurse of the Month – Jen C.!

Name: Jen C.

City, State: San Diego, CA

Specialty: Float Pool RN

Month: July

1.  How’d you get into travel nursing?

My recruiter suggested that it would be a great opportunity for me and a resume builder. He was very persistent and instrumental in helping me get on-board. I had met a few nurses at my former hospital who were travelers and I thought there was something amazing about their attitude and spirit…I wanted the exciting adventures they were experiencing!

2.  What’s the best part about traveling?

I loved the diversity. I was in the float pool, so I thoroughly loved the different aspects of each floor I worked on. I was able to meet a variety of people, including fellow travel nurses who had fun & unique stories of their own. I enjoyed the facility I was at because everyone was courteous and worked as a team. I never felt like an outsider and I appreciated the great patient care I witnessed as many residents were always available (this was a teaching hospital.)

3.  You meet a first-time traveler in the San Diego area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

Seriously, too many to name. Little Italy has an amazing variety of Italian spots, you must try Mexican food…SD is soo close to Mexico, so most places are super authentic. I love El Zarape. I think OB (for the beaches)…you can walk everywhere…great variety, and many rooftop bars with views of the ocean. My fav spot for burgers, sweet potato fries, and a local brew is Raglan Public House on Bacon St.


4.  What’s the best part about the San Diego area?

The beaches! Especially the cliffs: Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach & the cliffs in La Jolla by the cove.

Sunset Cliffs

5.  Any advice for other travelers?

Stay organized (with paperwork) and know directions, (it can save you on time & frustrating traffic jams on the 5 & 805 freeways)…you can always use your GPS, but it’s a good idea to do a “dry run” of how long it takes to get to your facility and learn where you can and CAN’T park! San Diego is serious about parking tickets. Always look out for signs, i.e. Street sweeping, etc. As a nurse we need to take our jobs seriously…but outside of work, explore! Play! Soak in the Sun!! San Diego isn’t called America’s finest city for nothing!


6.  How do you compare Axis to others travel companies?

I had a wonderful experience with Axis. My recruiter always got back to me right away when I had a questions or concern and I always felt like I had a life-line or support. Also, he called, emailed or text weekly just to check in to see if I needed anything. I felt so appreciated!

Congrats Jen! We’re lucky to have you on the Axis team! 🙂

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