5 Must-Have Apps for Your New City

So you’ve found yourself in a new city and are ready to acclimate yourself to metropolitan life.  Living in a brand new city can be a bit overwhelming, but your smartphone can be your ticket to easy navigation, great meals, and exciting entertainment.  Not sure what city you’ll be living in?  Think you might end up relocating from time to time?  No worries; these apps can be used in just about any major city, making transfers and travel a snap!  Check out some of our favorites!


OpenTable-One of the most exciting aspects of living in a new city is trying all the delicious food your area has to offer. If you love to dine out but aren’t sure where to begin, OpenTable is the perfect app for you!  Discover new and exciting places to eat, and reserve your table right from your phone.  You can check out menus, reviews, photos, and prices, connect with friends, cancel or change reservations, and even earn points toward your next meal out on the town.  And the best thing about this app?  It’s international, so if you find yourself across an ocean, OpenTable can come along for the ride, ensuring that your next terrific meal is right at your fingertips.


SitOrSquat-Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than navigating the big city when suddenly nature calls.  Especially for those who are new to city life, it can be difficult to find a public restroom that meets one’s standards of cleanliness in a timely manner.  The SitOrSquat app by Charmin aims to end the drama, and get you back to your daily activities.  And it’s simple!  Just search public restrooms near you.  A green rating means the restroom is clean and tidy and it’s safe to “sit.” Red means the upkeep is questionable and it’s best to “squat.” You can even add a new restroom location or review the bathrooms you’ve already hit.  What could make city life more convenient?

Sit or Squat


Like A local-Off the clock and looking for something fun to do in your new city?  The Like A Local app is an easy and convenient way to find out cool and exciting things to do in the city.  This app is in 55 major cities around the world and displays frequent updates about what’s going on near you.  Looking for tours, food, entertainment? Find it all in this easy-to-use app.  Best of all, Like A Local touts a truly local experience; no tourist traps here! If you really want to get acclimated to your new city without feeling like a mere visitor, this is the app that will help you build a relationship with your new city.

Like a Local 2


DryBarLet’s face it, most cities are pretty dirty and leave city dwellers feeling grimy and unattractive before the day is done.  The DryBar app can fix all that, one wash and blowout at a time.  The DryBar doesn’t cut or color, but they do provide convenient shampooing and drying services near you! You can book a blowout at one of their many locations, and the app will even tell you the nearest location to you.  This app is great for long days when the city seems to stick to you, or when you’re having a hair emergency and don’t have time to run back to your apartment.  Looking great and feeling fantastic is well worth the splurge!



MINDBODYIf you’re a fitness and wellness fanatic or if you’re looking to try out a new exercise regimen, the MINDBODY app is a must-have when you find yourself living in a brand new city.  You can search a variety of fitness classes and events nearby, and you can even book spa, salon, or massage appointments in your area.  The MINDBODY app allows you to create and manage a fitness and wellness schedule right from your phone, and of course you can check out the ratings and reviews of other users.  You can even find some great deals on local classes and track your progress to keep yourself accountable and stay motivated!

Mindbody App

Ready to tackle the big city?  Start downloading today to explore your new city.

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