Live Like A Local: Portland

So, you’ve just moved to Portland, OR. Welcome to the City of Roses! Getting used to a new environment can be a daunting process, but no worries – we’ve put together a quick list of fun things to do in your new hometown. The following entries cover just a tiny fraction of what Portland has to offer, but they will hopefully serve you as a nice gateway to this exciting city.

Around the city

Discover downtown

Downtown Portland is the true heart of the city. Here’s where you want to be if you are looking for great hangouts, nice restaurants, food carts, and shopping outlets. The water mirroring the downtown lights every night is a sight that will win you over.

Portland Farmers Market

Portland Farmers Market has been a well-known local institution since the early ’90s. Spread throughout 7 locations, the market provides the city with high-quality fresh produce all year long, with a particular focus on sustainable, eco-friendly and organic vegetables, meats, and more.

Food & Drinks

Have a beer!

Sure, you could go out and drink beer pretty much anywhere on the planet, but if you are a sucker for golden pints, you’ll be happy to know that “Portland” also spells “Beer”. The city is known throughout the world for its extensive brewery scene, as well as events and festival dedicated to the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage.

Taste some of the most famous doughnuts in the world

If you think people standing in long queues for donuts should get a life, you obviously never tried anything from Portland’s own Voodoo Doughnut.

What these guys offer isn’t only fun and different: their doughnuts actually taste great and “feel” great, as they embody the perfect marriage of old school bakery and quality ingredients. The doughnut masters in the shop also throw in secret Voodoo spells that will make you want to go back time and time again for a tasty treat.


Support the Local NBA Team

We’re not saying you should disown your roots, but now that you live in Rip City, The Portland Trail Blazers should find a spot in your heart!

Seize the Music Scene

Portland’s music scene is as eclectic, forward thinking and diverse as the city itself. Excellent local bands as well as national and international touring acts perform on a weekly basis.

“Bancorpmthood” by Michael Wiley – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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