The Elephant & the Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship

I’d like to take a moment to kick this thing off by stating the soon-to-be obvious… I’m not your average Recruiter. I’m not a resume shuffler. I’m not an email spammer. I am not an order taker. In a sense, I have an anti-sales approach to recruiting. Yes, I possess a killer motivation to fill jobs and make placements. I don’t make money if you’re not making money. However, long before that first billing cycle takes place there’s an opportunity for communication, trust, and transparency. And that, my friends, is where the magic happens. There’s no bait and switch.

The elephant in the room is that all of us Recruiters typically have access to the same stuff. Contracts, rates, perks, etc. So you may be scanning your computer screen or scrolling the wee window of your smart phone with the touch of your fingertip, wondering to yourself, “Why Alisha?”

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I’m glad you asked. Unlike the corporate giants in the industry, I have the luxury of “boutique” style service. Which means my nurses receive a highly personalized experience for the duration of the recruiting cycle. Beginning to end. I’m not just sniffing out key words in your resume and hastily pushing you along. Waiting for the stars to align long enough for me to cash my check. I enjoy the introductory conversation as I do my best to fully understand what it is you DO (slow down, I’m not a nurse. I don’t even play one on TV) and try to get a feel for what it is you WANT. At that point I let you know what I can do for you.

One thing I always make a point to tell my nurses is they have to go with what works for them, even if that means (sigh) going with another Recruiter.

Then we get down to business and discuss next steps. Available contracts, compensation, and yes I prepare you for the grueling credentialing process. I try to make it as painless as possible and yes I will remain your point of contact, down to arranging accommodations & the mint on your pillow. Ok that last part may have been an exaggeration.

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So there you have it. Something maybe the other guy isn’t telling you and a preview to what I hope to be a long lasting Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship. I try to contact everyone as we connect but my human limitations make that less than realistic.

Reach out. Let’s chat. I look forward to getting to know you.


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