Why I Chose Axis… And Why You Should, Too

Why I Chose Axis

There I am, breaking personal records and climbing the ladder at the company I was “comfortable” with. Feeling pretty good about things moving forward, feeling good about my tenure, feeling good about the connections I had made with my Travel Nurses. Comfortable, but still not thrilled about work. I received a message one day on LinkedIn, and in retrospect, it was similar to how I approach my Travel RN’s. Someone I had never met saying “hey, we have a great opportunity, with a great culture, where you will truly feel appreciated”. Heard that before. But I always give someone a chance and heard them out; at some point, someone might be telling the truth, right? I’m glad I did.

I was approached by Ryan and Adam, the owners of Axis, and they told me a story about how they were impressed with my experience, appreciated that I was a self-motivated recruiter, told me I could choose where I worked physically, and get this, they would even compensate me more. Sounds too good to be true, but it wasn’t. It was all true. I took the plunge, I trusted them and I quit my job I had been at for years. I left when I was at an all-time high to start anew with Axis, an established company but with whom my only connections had been via the phone (sound familiar?). I’ve been here a few weeks now… and I already know I made the right choice. The respect I’m receiving is so genuine! It is clear this is a people-first company. Do your job well, and we will make sure you don’t ever want to work anywhere else. They have shown me the respect I had craved the last few years; no more being talked to like a commodity, like something to be traded. As a contract nurse, I suspect this is a familiar feeling? The feeling your boss or recruiter gives when asking, “What did you do for me last week” is much different than, “How was your week?” or “How is everything going, what can I help with?” Different, in a very positive way.

Bruce Woodall

Here at Axis we didn’t reinvent the wheel. I likely have the same openings as your other recruiters, probably just paying a little more with more attention paid to you. We can do everything others do. So what’s our special sauce? It’s our people. Cliché, but true. Really, what you’re really getting with Axis is what I am getting, a place you’re not just “comfortable” with, but something to feel good about. A place that has the owners themselves sitting in the room working with us recruiters for a family feel, yet still with the pay, resources and connections the “big box” companies offer in this industry. Outside of those small client and structural advantages the real difference is one that real veteran travel nurses know all too well, and that is having an honest recruiter who will always take your call and thinks of you as a friend. One who is responsible and accountable to you; in a nutshell, you’re getting me.

Axis has already made such a difference in my life. I’ve barely started but I know where I’m heading and for the first time, I’m excited about who I’m heading there with! Are you tired of empty promises, “bait and switch” tactics on pay, shift and location, or maybe you just don’t really have the connection you want with your recruiter? If so, call me and let’s chat. This is the real me, these are the real jobs, and I want to go for it together, as a team. I am committed to those who genuinely want to work with a recruiter who “gets it” and build a long term relationship with you. We all deserve a better company, and people we work with. These are the reasons I chose Axis and why I think you should too.

If you want a chance to work with a great company that prides itself on giving its nurses the rock star treatment, shoot me a call (253-315-2705), text (253-315-2705), or email (Brucew@axismedicalstaffing.com).

You are appreciated and I finally feel like I am as well. Thank you, Axis.

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