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“Operating room nurses must be energetic, organized and able to remain calm under pressure. Excellent prioritization skills are necessary to meet the constantly changing needs of the patient. Assertiveness and first-rate communication techniques are essential to relay vital information to team members.” –

What is an OR Nurse? I had never really stopped to think about it, but there is one aspect of OR nursing that differentiates this specialty from others in your field. Your patients, primarily, are unconscious. You work in one of the most delicate environments in the hospital setting. It takes extreme precision and care to maintain the aseptic and clean qualities of the OR. The slightest deviation in any capacity and the outcome of patient care can prove detrimental.

Emergencies have no concept of time. You drudge in at 2am. 4am. Standing on your feet for stretches of hours, unwilling to compromise the integrity of the sterile field to meet your most basic of human needs.

Not even to wipe your brow, which collects sweat like dew beneath CFL lamps, masks, and visors. You delicately interact with family members and loved ones at the most sensitive, and often unexpected, times of their lives. You are constantly learning new technologies, equipment, and procedures. Not to mention adapting to a Surgeon’s individual demands and expectations. Your job is taxing, to say the least.

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For this very reason, to all Operating Room Nurses, I commend you. To say your job is difficult is an understatement. And for those of you who travel, I have just that much more respect for you. To me, recruiting is not a numbers game. I may not be saving lives, but to build relationships with real life heroes… well you can’t put a price on that. And to be the one entrusted with something as important as your next life saving assignment is an honor and makes me feel a part of something so much greater than myself.

If you would like to have a conversation, share your story, and perhaps start a working relationship, please feel free to contact me. No pressure, no “sales”. If you haven’t already, I invite you to check out my first article and get to know how I operate. No pun intended.

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