What to pack as a Travel Nurse

Embarking on a healthcare travel adventure creates memories that’ll last a lifetime, allowing you to explore new places while continuing to build your professional skills. As you prepare for your next travel assignment, we want to help you pack your suitcase efficiently. To make sure you have everything you need while maintaining organized luggage, we’ve compiled a checklist of essentials for healthcare travelers. Check it out!

What to pack for your next Travel Nurse Assignment:

Shift Attire

Pack outfits suitable for your healthcare setting. Some facilities have scrub and/or outfit requirements so be sure to check with your hiring manager on what you should pack to wear to work. 

☐ Variety of Scrub options

☐ Comfortable Shoes

☐ Under Shirts

☐ Compression Socks

☐ Professional outfit for business meetings

Memory Keepsakes

Remember to pack items that can help create a memorable experience, like a journal, selfie stick, books and any personal items that bring you comfort.

☐ Planner 

☐ Selfie Stick

☐ Books or Magazines

☐ Polaroid Camera 

☐ Stamps

☐ Fanny Pack

☐ Dry Bag

☐ Beach Towel

☐ Clear Bag for Events

Travel Documents

Keep important documents organized and easily accessible. This includes your driver’s license, healthcare certifications, passport and any necessary licenses or certifications for your specific assignment.

☐ Work Badge 

☐ Driver’s License 

☐ Nursing/Allied License

☐ Nursing/Allied Certifications 

☐ Passport

Travel Snacks

Carry a stash of snacks to keep you energized during long shifts or while traveling to your next destination. We suggest opting for non-perishable items like protein bars, nuts, dried fruits and granola bars.

☐ Trail Mix

☐ Protein Bars

☐ Rice Cakes or Crackers

☐ Jerky

☐ Gum or Mints

Leisure Clothing

Include a mix of comfortable clothing options suitable for both outdoor and relaxing time. Pack weather-appropriate attire, including layers for varying temperatures depending on where your assignment is. Don’t forget essentials like comfortable shoes, swimwear and workout clothes. We’ve also got the perfect hiking guide if you’re near trails!

☐ Athletic shorts 

☐ Athletic shirts 

☐ Leggings or Joggers 

☐ Sweatshirt

☐ Hat

☐ Swimsuit 

Electronic Devices

Bring electronics such as your laptop, E-books and power banks. These devices can help you stay connected and research new things to do during your days off work.  

☐ Laptop 

☐ Kindle 

☐ Downloadable Maps

☐ Power Bank 

☐ Universal USB Cord

☐ Phone Charger

☐ Universal Power Cords 

Personal Essentials

To make your journey smoother and a little more comfortable consider packing items such as a portable charger, neck pillow, universal power adapter, headphones. Here are a few additional ideas to pack as personal essentials.

☐ Neck Pillow

☐ Headphones 

☐  Collapsible Water Bottle

☐ Medication 

☐ Sunscreen and Bug Spray

☐  Electrolyte Packets

☐ Toiletries 

☐ Microfiber Tower

Packing efficiently as a travel nurse will keep your mind at ease knowing you have everything you need while on assignment. By saving this checklist, you can check items off your list as you pack. Remember to pack smart, stay organized, and enjoy the journey as a travel nurse!

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