Traveler of the Month: Brittany M!

Name: Brittany M.

Specialty: OR

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Month: August

1. The last time you were our Travel Nurse of the Month, you were in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Where else have your travel nurse adventures taken you?

I’ve been to Denver, CO, Washington D.C, Galveston TX, Houston, TX, and now I’m in LA/Long Beach, CA!

2. Of all the facilities you’ve worked in, which has been your favorite and why?

I would say St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach. The people are so nice and the weather is amazing! Also, I love my coworkers! They’re more than coworkers, I’ve made lifelong friends.

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3. Of all the cities you’ve worked or lived in, which do you recommend most?

Definitely Long Beach. D.C. was also very fun and diverse.

4. Knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself before that very first travel assignment?

Do your research on the cities, and make as many friends as you can. Don’t be afraid to venture out solo!

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5. Finally, after all this time, we still have to ask, how does Axis compare to other travel companies?

They’re the best company I’ve ever traveled with!

Congrats Brittany! We love having you on the team!

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