Most Popular Travel Nurse Destinations, Part 2!

You spoke and we listened!  Based on popular demand, it’s time for us to release our Most Popular Travel Nurse Destinations, part 2.  Without further ado, here we go!

Los Angeles

Beaches, palm trees, hiking, skiing, restaurants, nightlife. There’s a reason why the Los Angeles area attracts so many visitors for a variety of reasons. LA’s convenient contrast from ocean to mountains, from nature to city, from exciting to laid-back makes it a great place if you’re looking to experience several things in one city. Regardless of the adventure you’re on, Los Angeles’ options and extensive array of activities will leave a memory that’s impossible to forget.

Venice Beach

Why do travel nurses love Los Angeles? 

Travel nurses love Los Angeles for its size and vast amount of options. There are travel nursing gigs all around the LA area and Southern California. The opportunity for high take-home pay along with the proximity of the city makes it an extremely desirable place for travelers!

San Francisco (Two time winner!)

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Inside or outside the city, San Francisco has a charm like no other. Visitors, as well as locals, enjoy the vast natural beauty of the Northern California area as well as the urban lifestyle that San Francisco has to offer. With an effective public transportation system, you can experience the urban amenities of the city and visit the breath-taking views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay all within arms-reach. The plethora of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, museums, and easy access to everything in between makes the Bay Area a place full of magic.


Why do travel nurses love San Francisco? 

Travel Nurses love San Francisco for a variety of reasons.  But what comes to mind first?  Rapid response rates!  This city is full of high paying travel nursing jobs across all specialties, which draws in travel nurses from across the country.  The chance to make serious coin, coupled with the culture and unmatched vibe that is unique to San Francisco, makes this a top travel nursing destination for nurses.

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San Antonio

Although often shadowed by the energy of Houston, Dallas, and Austin, San Antonio is a Texas city that doesn’t disappoint. This city is offers a mix of urban life and natural beauty topped with an authentic Spanish charm. It’s no surprise that San Antonio offers great food and culture, but also historic stimulation that comes with the country location such as the Alamo. Whether you’re here as a local or a visitor, San Antonio’s rich cultural heritage complimented by its small-city vibe makes it a great travel experience.


Why do travel nurses love San Antonio? 

Travel Nurses love San Antonio because the area always has a surplus of openings, which makes getting an offer a quick and easy process (most of the time).  Plus, the facilities are traveler-friendly and extensions are the norm.


Denver is more than just a city in a square state with mountains. It’s a city that offers an unbelievably easy access to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the United States. Blanketed by the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, Denver is a city that offers a special charm from a collection of natural beauty, a small-town big city vibe, a welcoming feel, quirky atmosphere, and friendly outdoorsy nature. All in all, it’s obvious as to why Denver is a popular travel destination.

Denver Lake

Why do travel nurses love Denver?

Travel nurses love the Denver area for the ability to finish the work week then hit the slopes for the weekend, or make a quick 1 hour drive to go on a majestic hiking trip.  While you’re not going to get the rapid response rates other cities offer, you’ll get something that’s worth more than money.  Experiences that you can take with you forever.  And when those 13 weeks are all wrapped up, feel free to hit up those rapid rates in Cali.

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New York City

As the country’s largest city, it’s nearly impossible to be bored in New York City. A massive metropolitan area extending over three different states, New York City welcomes travelers and transplants as well as continually keeping the locals occupied and excited. A fierce economy complimented by a spectacular city life, New York City is a place that truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re here for nightlife, shopping, the countless array of tourist attractions, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be blown away after leaving America’s gem.


Why do Travel Nurses love New York?

Travel Nurses love the New York City area for the large amount of EMR projects, which are high-paying gigs. Travel nurses also find the area extremely convenient to navigate due to its public transportation options.

So there you have it. Part 2 in our series of our most popular and requested destinations from our travel nurses.  The question still remains, where do you want to go next?

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