Family joining your Travel Nursing Journey

Is your family joining you on your next travel nursing adventure? Maybe it’s your spouse, children, parents or even siblings tagging along! This serves as a great opportunity to travel with loved ones and experience the adventure of a lifetime with your favorite people. Here are some tips for traveling with your family and making the most out of your next Travel Nursing gig with Axis!

Plan Ahead: When planning around where your next travel gig will be, consider factors like family-friendly neighborhoods, schooling options if your kids will be joining and recreational activities that you can check out in your free time!

Communication: Start either a group text or use an app like group me to keep in communication and come up with plans together as a family. This is a fun and interactive way to share ideas and new things to do while on your adventure together!

Research Location: Before heading out on your next travel nursing assignment, check out the location and find nearby towns or cities that you can visit during a day trip! Some of the best memories can be made in unexpected places.

Create Lists: When traveling with more than one person, take time to create a list and know what needs to be packed. Some items you will need more than one of, but some things you can share between the group and limit the amount of items that you need to pack.

Split Duties: Discuss duties and how each person can contribute to daily tasks while on your next travel adventure! Come up with chores and task assignments weekly or monthly to keep organized and your temporary home running smoothly.

Traveling with your family and loved ones on your next travel nurse assignment can create cherished memories and strengthen family bonds. Together you will share new experiences, explore new places and foster deeper connections through outings and experiences. Quality time during assignments can enhance work-life balance and support your family’s overall well-being. We look forward to sending you and your family off on your next travel nurse gig with Axis!

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