Travel Nurses of the Month – Ingrid K & Eric K!

Name: Ingrid K. & Eric K.

City, State: Tacoma, WA & Phoenix, AZ

Specialty: Tele/PCU & ICU

Month: Dec. 1

1.  How’d you get into travel nursing?

I: It was a joint decision we made shortly after getting married. We knew if we didn’t do it soon we might never have the opportunity again.

E: We wanted to see other parts of the country before we decided to settle down.


2.  What’s the best part about traveling, especially traveling together?

I: Being able to always have someone to hang out with on your days off! We love finding great places to eat, cool coffee shops, and exploring new places. It’s fun to be able to do that with your best friend.

E: Never having to say, “I wish you were there,” because, literally, the only person I would want there with me is actually there.

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3.  You meet a first time travel nurse in the Tacoma and Phoenix areas, which restaurants are a must for them to try?

I: Get the chicken and waffles at Pacific Southern in Tacoma, Crockett’s in Puyallup, WA is great for cocktails and appetizers, Tortas el Rey in Phoenix…well, really any Mexican restaurant in Phoenix is awesome.

E: Asado in Tacoma (an Argentinian Steak House). A wise Uber driver once told me that anything that ends in “bertos” is a safe bet in Phoenix…and so far that’s been totally true.

pacific southern

Chicken and Waffles on a table at Pacific Southern – Credit David Montesino


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4. What are the best parts about the Tacoma and Phoenix areas?

I: Some of my favorites while we were in Washington were Point Defiance Park in downtown Tacoma, hiking at Mt. Rainier, camping at Olympic National Park, visiting Seattle, kayaking in Gig Harbor, and our many visits to Portland, OR (only 2.5 hrs away). The sunshine in Phoenix has been enough to keep me happy this entire contract. The weather is the best part of this contract, hands down.

B: The best parts of Tacoma are being able to get out of Tacoma…..and explore the great outdoors. So far Phoenix has everything a chubby Polish man can ask for, including tacos, sunshine, and margaritas.


5.  Any advice to other travel pairs looking for assignments together?

I: Enjoy the time you have together during your contracts because they go by fast!

E: Be flexible. Sometimes the places you never expect yourself being in have the best stories.


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6.  How do you compare Axis to others travel companies?

I: We feel we’ve had a good relationship with our recruiter, Sara. She’s always a phone call or text away, and always works hard to find us assignments.

E: So far everybody in Axis seems to be like an actual human…not just a sales person who tries to convince you to go somewhere to a job you won’t like. It’s nice to feel valued.

Congrats Ingrid and Eric! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you on the Axis Team! 🙂

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