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Longing for a sense of adventure as a travel nurse? Living on the road in an RV can be an exciting and fulfilling way to take in the nomadic lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll discuss more about best RV options, what RV life looks like for travel nurses and things to consider before hitting the road.

Axis Traveler, Josh Foster, started his travel nursing journey all because he wanted to experience life on the road . You can learn more about his story in his Traveler of the Month feature!

What to Consider for Travel Nurse RV Life:


Internet access can be important for those who need to stay connected for work or to connect with their family and friends and just to be able to watch your favorite Netflix shows when you need to unwind! Either invest in a reliable mobile hotspot or check out campground amenities to ensure there is a stable internet connection wherever you end up. 


Living in a an RV requires organization. Invest in storage solutions, downsize your belongings and keep things tidy to make the most of your limited space. Be sure to know what to pack as a travel nurse and only bring what is necessary.  


Be prepared for varying weather conditions when traveling across different regions. Plan for extreme temperatures by equipping your RV with appropriate heating, cooling and insulation. It’s also important to research the nearest weather shelter in the event of a weather emergency. 

🧼Laundry Facilities

When deciding the campground where you’ll be camping out for your next assignment, consider looking into where the nearest laundry mat is so you can access clean clothes and linens in your camper. 

🪙Living Costs

While living in an RV can be extremely cost-effective and save you money on housing, there are sometimes expenses that you need to budget for. Budgeting includes campground fees, fuel, maintenance and other related costs to living life on the road. As long as you’ve got these in mind, you’ll be ready to go!


Before setting out on your travel nursing journey, make sure that you have completed any licensing requirements needed to legally drive an RV or motorhome. 

The life of being a travel nurse living in an RV can be the ultimate way to experience your work on the road. Travel nurses can create a fulfilling and comfortable home on wheels by choosing the right RV, planning ahead and being aware of last-minute challenges.

Best Campers for Travel Nurse RV Life:

Class C Motorhomes

These are popular for travel nurses as they are easy to transport. Class C motorhomes typically have a separate sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom, providing a good balance between size and convenience. It’ll feel like your very own 1 bedroom apartment. 

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers offer a range of sizes and floor plans, providing flexibility for different preferences. Travel trailers are towed by a separate vehicle, making it easy to detach and explore your surroundings without needing a larger vehicle.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

A fifth-wheel trailer might be the way to go if you’re looking for more space and amenities. These campers often feature spacious living areas, full kitchens and separate bedrooms, making them a more homey option for extended stays. 



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