How To Make New Friends As a Travel Nurse

We understand that being away from family and friends while on assignment may lead to feeling lonely at times. We want to change this mindset, so we came up with unique outing ideas to help you build connections and form lasting friendships while on your travel assignment both within the medical community and in the location that you’re residing in.

Unique outing ideas to consider while on assignment:

Farmers Markets

Going to a local market with one of your new co-workers can be a fun and enjoyable experience where you can stroll the different vendor stalls, sample the fresh produce, and learn about where the local food comes from.

Trivia Nights

Strategize and break communication barriers by attending a trivia game night! You could check out local breweries or coffee shops as a spot to see what trivia events they have lined up!

Cooking Classes

A fun way to learn a new skill together and support local businesses! You can check out local grocery stores, restaurants and cooking stores such as Sur La Table to see what they have to offer for cooking classes.


Continue building your knowledge while also meeting others with similar interests by attending a conference or tradeshow! This is a fun way to meet others that are in the same career field as you and are also working towards meeting work and educational goals.

Animal Shelter Volunteer

Not only does volunteering benefit animals, but it connects you to others with the same mission. Volunteering and giving back is both a rewarding and fulfilling act of service.

Yoga Classes

By joining a group class such as yoga, not only will you get to experience relaxation and meditation, but you will meet others that are sharing the same experience. An exercise class such as yoga will boost your energy levels and present an opportunity to meet new friends!

Dining out

Nothing is better than good food and company to boost your mood! Consider inviting a few of your new colleagues to go out before or after work and bond over shared experiences in healthcare and good food and drinks!

Making new friends and sharing experiences as a travel nurse is vital for maintaining your mental and emotional health. At Axis, we’re committed to providing support and resources to help you succeed on your travel nursing journey.

By connecting with other nurses, joining local meetup groups, volunteering in the local community, joining a fitness group and getting involved in the local culture, travel nurses can form lasting friendships that will make your assignment more enjoyable.

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