Thank You From A Quarantined Axis Recruiter!

Rock Star Recruiter Charity and her plant George

You know that quarantine life is taking its toll when you start talking to your houseplants. Ahem…I mean, “George” 😉

Thank you to everyone practicing social distancing, and to all of our nurses working on the front lines. We hope this video from our Senior Axis Recruiter Charity will brighten your day!

Be well and be safe, everyone. ~ Charity and…. George

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Charity Crawford

Senior Healthcare Recruiter at Axis Medical Staffing, Inc.
Charity has been in the travel nurse industry in one form or another since 2008! Despite her years of hard work and advocacy on behalf of her Rock Star travelers, she doesn’t look a day over 25! (According to her, anyway.) A hardcore traveler herself, Charity recently spent 2.5 years abroad visiting several countries. She taught English in Thailand for a year and volunteered in Peru. She loves to swap traveling stories and share helpful hints and tips for her fellow traveling addicts!
Charity Crawford