7 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have already come and gone, and that means the holiday season is in full swing! For travel nurses, or anyone working away from home over the holidays, this time of year can be a mixed bag of emotions. Many travel nurses have to work on the holidays, and are too far away to be with their families. A thoughtful gift, no matter how small, shows travel nurses that their work is appreciated. These tokens of appreciation really leave a lasting impression with our nurses, and help relieve their holiday melancholy. This year, show the travel nurse in your life that you care with these sensible gift ideas!

1. Care Packages

Not just for college students, care packages are a great way to send travel nurses a little piece of home. The purpose of the care package is to make the person feel less homesick, so include items like their favorite snacks, or pictures of pets and loved ones. Practical items like portable phone chargers or extra scrubs are a nice touch as well. If you’re short on time, Nightingale Express makes custom gift boxes specifically for nurses, with an emphasis on self-care.

2. Memberships

Subscription based services like Netflix are very popular gifts this year, and chances are, the travel nurse you are shopping for uses a few of them. Amazon Prime comes with lots of extra perks like free one day shipping, and access to other forms of entertainment like ebooks, music, and podcasts. Also, gym memberships are a great idea for active travel nurses looking to stay in shape in their new location.

3. Coffee-Related Gifts

If you know a travel nurse, then you know they love their caffeinated beverages! A coffee tumbler is perfect for travel nurses who like to have their caffeine on the go! You also can’t go wrong with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. For the home barista, a personalized coffee mug or some Keurig pods are sure to be a hit!

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4. Fun Socks

Socks are one of the ways that nurses like to accessorize on the floor, and there are hundreds of quirky designs available online. Compression socks are popular among nurses because they help increase bloodflow, and ease the pain of being on your feet all day. Crazy Compression has a large variety of designs to choose from.


5. Personalized Work Accessories

In addition to socks, there are other ways that nurses like to personalize their work uniform. Depending on the hospital regulations, you can personalize anything from ID badges to stethoscopes. Nightingale Express sells custom badge reels, and Etsy sells custom stethoscope tags to give you some ideas.

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6. Gifts to Make Travel Easier

One of the main aspects of a travel nurse is, of course, travel, and there are lots of gifts you can give to make travel simpler for them. AAA is a great membership way to ensure a travel nurse has piece of mind on the roads! Also, giftcards for gas or Airbnb accommodations make fantastic stocking stuffers!

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7. Surprise Visit

For many travel nurses, the best gift they could receive is a visit from family and friends! If you’re within driving distance from their assignment location, consider a surprise day trip for the holidays! If a short trip isn’t feasible, consider planning a longer vacation sometime during their travel contract. It can make a world of difference to a homesick travel nurse!

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