Your Ultimate Guide to Travel Nursing and the Holidays

Don’t let the holidays get you down! As a travel nurse it can be difficult to be away from family and friends, but remember it’s an exciting time to celebrate! Although it may be tempting to stay under the radar and cuddle up with your favorite blanket and Amazon firestick remote, consider adventuring out and about with our top 5 list of new traditions you can start incorporating in your journey.

1 – Celebrate like you’re at home

If you have invitations from new friends, or if there’s a group of travel nurses at your facility who are also away from home, this can be a great excuse for a fun festive get-together. One idea is to organize a pot-luck dinner, where everyone brings a dish that’s popular in the region they’re originally from, hosted by whoever has the best space for entertainment. This is a great way to take the pressure off of the host with regard to cooking, and provides a talking point if you don’t know all the guests that well.


2 – Find new friends to celebrate with

Search, Facebook or your local online community groups for Thanksgiving, ‘Friendsgiving’ or festive meet ups, to find people to share the holidays with. Meeting new people and sharing personal traditions together can be very enlightening and fun, plus it’s a great way to make new friends!


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3 – Treat yourself to an evening out

Some restaurants and hotels are open on Thanksgiving, so if you’re feeling flush and fancy, why not get a few friends together to have a tasty feast? Or, alternatively, celebrate as a group on another day close to the holiday. That way all you and your friends have to worry about is eating, drinking and having a much-needed break. And perhaps the best part – no dishes!

Veronica “I am always so inspired and full of gratitude to be working with such selfless Rock Star Travel Nurses here at Axis. They are not only talented and compassionate healthcare professionals who make us so proud being the face of Axis, but they also serve as a huge support system for their patients who are away from their friends and families. My best advice to travelers during this holiday season is to enjoy every aspect of the journey, embrace the adventure, continue making new friends and keep thriving into an awesome new year of prosperity for 2019.”

– Veronica Schoo, Senior Healthcare Recruiter

4 – Take advantage of the benefits of working extra shifts

Some travelers actually prefer to work the holidays, since the shifts at some hospitals tend to be slower paced. They also like the added bonus of the increased pay! However, we know that just because it’s the holidays, the job of a nurse doesn’t stop – there will still be injuries needing tended to, and patients to accommodate.

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5 – Make sure to catch up with friends and family at home

FaceTime and Skype are great tools for keeping in touch with loved ones. Schedule a video call when people are having a get-together, to help alleviate the homesickness that’s inevitable at this time of year.


To all our kind and selfless Rock Star nurses who are working Thanksgiving or any of the holidays this year, we thank you for keeping the rest of us safe and looked after!

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